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Last Thursday I happily spent my morning giving a workshop on oil paintstiks and Nature Printing to my friend and artist Carla Kurt. I was honored that she asked me if I would instruct her! She was surprised to hear me say that, saying I knew so much about mixed media techniques that I could teach her! So, it was quite a mutually beneficial (and fun!) time for both of us and we plan on doing it again. How cool is it that we live about 20 minutes apart and yet met via the internet?

To the left you'll see 2 of my shiva oil paintstik 'rubbings' as well as a number of nature prints. Below is Carla with one of our paintstik exercises/experiments, just as she was just getting started:

And here is her piece as she added more, adding mono printing and stenciling on top of her wonderful masked background.

I love the colors Carla choose and the way she did her masking! I went for a much straighter masking line for my demo . . . .

The Nature Printing leftovers . . . .
they are so beautiful still tinted with Lumiere paint.

Below are a couple of fabric things I nature printed a few years ago. I brought these pieces into my studio to show Carla some more examples . . . .

The scarf to the left was created this past summer while I was on vacation, and features printed grape vine leaves from Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada. The dogs Asia & Chloe were part and parcel of this private class (Carla welcomed them!) : )

I am teaching this class again next Saturday (October 18th) in my studio located in Avon, CT ~ please email me if you are interested in joining us!


  1. Lenna - thank you again for the wonderful and inspiring workshop! It was just what I needed to get my creative juju back:) I went out on Saturday and bought a whole bunch of Lumiere paints and some more iridescent paintsticks, so look for some nature printing whenever I get around to posting something new. I am really looking forward to the other workshops we talked about... Thank you my dear!

  2. Wish I was only 20 minutes away! Mind you, you would probably be sick of the sight of me by now!! Love the pieces you both made and the dogs look so adorable!

  3. Carla was lucky!
    Wish I were 20 minutes away too! What fun you must have...


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