Sunday, October 5, 2008

Autumn Inspiration

I was inspired the other day by my friend Frieda Oxenham. This is not so unusual! But this time, it was not because of her gorgeous fabric art. Instead, I was inspired by the interesting and beautiful photos she had taken and added to her blog. Frieda captured a few delightful moments outside during a crisp Autumn day, where she lives in Scotland, as well as a cozy one inside by the woodstove. I always love to see Frieda's photos. I have never been to Scotland and it helps me to imagine what it's like. But these photos sparked me in a different way.

Frieda helped me to remember what a lovely time of year it is to take photos for inspiration. You can use these photos for transfers to fabric and paper, or simply as a starting point for your art work. So while walking the dogs one afternoon last week (a ritual with us now), I searched for beautiful colours and patterns in my yard and neighborhood . . . and beautiful creatures! (see below) The leaves are just beginning to turn here in Connecticut, but things will tumble fast and hard now, once the colours have started to pop. In fact, I took these photos 5 days ago and I think the landscape has changed, since then.

Here is Asia wandering in the weeds . . . amazingly there are still some flowers and green leaves, even though it is getting colder and the leaves are turning. We had to turn our heat on the other morning when it was absolutely freezing inside. yuck!

You can find many more of my early Autumn photos here. Perhaps they will be of inspiration to you.

In the meantime, my son Dallas has sent a bunch of photos of his girlfriend Liz and himself visiting Lake Bled in Slovenia this weekend! They are living and working in Trieste, Italy now, and it is very near the Slovenia border. I will share a couple of the photos here below as well. I hope you enjoy!

: ^ ) lenna

Dallas & Liz

happy autumn . . .

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  1. THanks so much for the link, Lenna, and also for the gorgeous pictures, both of Autumn with you and of Slovenia, which I visited when it was still part of Yugoslavia. I remember it as a very romantic place and Declan and his girlfriend seem to agree!


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