Thursday, September 11, 2008

Daily Window Backpack

Daily Window Backpack, originally uploaded by creativelenna. (More photos on flickr)

I decorated a backpack with Alpha Stamp products for a company called Daily Window -they produce bags of all sorts, with a clear window to show off your art, very cool. You can change the art in the window daily! Anyway, I just sent them the backpack I designed and they loved it. If you follow the link above to their website you will find my backback in their Designer Gallery of Inspiration, next to Carol Murphy's designs!

The Daily Window also has a blog, where they have added a very nice photo and my instructions. The backpack features the distressed Ivy leaves Leslie (Alpha Stamps) carries and the Woodblock Raven Print collage sheet. The Blog entry with my instructions is found here -


  1. Just had a look at the website with your instructinons too, as well as this blog, and the backbag looks a real delight and of course as a fellow romantic, I love the quote you've used!!

  2. Catching up on blogs! Love this!!! What a neat idea!! Hugs to you and Steven!
    chris p

  3. always fun to see what your up to Lenna! Daily Window is lucky to have your art associated with their backpack!! Sounds like a fun concept!
    Mary Z.



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