Friday, August 29, 2008

mail art

I love mail art! To the left is just a small corner of the back of an envelope (enlarged) I did earlier this year. When I send this kind of decorated mail I get to pull out all of my old mail and postage themed rubber stamps . . . mmmm! I so enjoy it. I try to take scans of the envelopes I art up, before I put them in the mailbox, but I don't always remember. I also like to use postage stamps that match or ones I have made myself through zazzle. Here are a few mail art pieces for your enjoyment! click on an scan for more detail.

For Miz Bella -

For Ann P. ~ moving to a new Home - front & back:


and for April, our Pet sitter, front & back

. . . and made today for 2 friends and neighbors we want to see for lunch . . .
 : ) lenna

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Collage class at my studio

Isn't this a great photo? It makes me happy just to look at it!
This shows Cheryl, Brenda and Robin after they finished taking a collage class with me at my home studio last week. Cheryl's uncle is Frank Federico, a renowned water color artist that I took class with in 2007. When I was his student, he asked me about my art. I shared some of my work with him, gave him my website address and he in turn recommended me to his niece Cheryl - so very cool! This summer we were able to plan a class.

I have added just a few more photos from this class to my PictureTrail (click on the link to view) ~kind of resurrecting it for this occasion! I always enjoy sharing class photos on that site . . . and I'll be teaching this same class in my studio again next month to a group of 4 different students. I can use the new album on my PictureTrail for those class photos too. Personally, I always think it's so inspiring to see how my students approach the same task in so many different ways -- one of the best things about being in a class! I know that they had fun last week and learned too, because they told me!
Thanks Cheryl, Brenda & Robin!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lost Art Creations collaborative fabric Book

I belong to the 'Lost Art Creations' yahoo group, which is an online group where members can share their art that uses Lost Art Creations (LAC) products. If you are not familiar with this company, you can view these products on LAC owner Terrie Lightfoot's PictureTrail or in her Etsy Shop. The LAC yahoo group is a very nice cozy spot to find some cool swaps to join, get advanced notice of new LAC products, plus receive group-only specials and sales. There are also group challenges and a free vintage image to download every month . . . and of course yahoo chatting & sharing! Follow the link to the yahoo group above to find out more and to join the group.

Earlier this year, LAC owner Terrie Lightfoot put out a swap call for a Mixed Media fabric book Collaborative -- All players will make 5 original pages. Theme is Favorite Quote(s) -Create 5 original pages (one sided), they can all be different or the same, just make it your BEST work. I will create the covers of the book and assemble/bind the book. Measurements of each page you create must be 4-1/2" WIDE x 6-1/2" TALL. They will be attached to a fabric page base. Do not forget to sign your pages! Use paper, fabric, lace, beads, buttons - whatever your heart desires just be sure to use at least 1 LAC image and 1 pretty bit (ribbon, trim, charm, etc. from LAC) on each page to create your pages!

This was a very fun fabric art project for me to do while I was visiting Wolfe Island a few weeks ago. At the cottage, there's a big table in the dining area that looks out over the st. Lawrence River. Before we left on vacation I had picked out possible fabrics, batting, quotes printed onto fabric, embroidered handkerchiefs, beads, threads, LAC fibers, and a hand sewing needle to bring with me. I also printed images from my favorite LAC Waterhouse image sheets (paper) onto plain fabric for this project. I limited myself by choosing in advance, but I think that was truly helpful. I spent some very enjoyable time on the island working on this project when Steven was checking out something with one of the boats! When I came home, the only thing I added was decorative machine stitching around all the edges. I think that really finished the pages off nicely. I was not satisfied with them until I did that. (click on any photo for more detail)

My process for creating these fabric pages was to measure the size I needed for the exchange, then snip and rip the fabric. I cut batting a little bit smaller -I like the warm and natural flat cotton batting the best. Then I chose a embroidered handkerchief for each piece of fabric. I had picked up most of them at a tag sale, but the one below was a gift from one of my swap participants, Janice Perkin in the UK. Her gift actually gave me the idea of using them on each page! I glued or sewed (or both) the handkerchief down onto my fabric page with the batting in place behind it. Then I glued or sewed the LAC image and the quote for each fabric page in place, trying to match the image with the quote as best as I could. In some cases I sewed beads, or embroidered a bit, and in all cases I choose a fiber from LAC to embellish the page.

I cannot wait to receive my completed book back! There are 5 of us in the collaborative exchange and each book will have 1 of our pages. Terrie is creating the books for us -- thank you so much Terrie!!!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Art on Wolfe Island

This is a quick post of photos from our recent time spent on Wolfe island, in Ontario Canada. I created a lot of art while we were there, by the water. There is a bunkhouse with a porch that overlooks the St. Lawrence-great for doing messy work like painting silk scarves! I will add all of the photos to my flickr account before too long. It is so beautiful there . . .
Back in Connecticut, my youngest son Dallas (age 24) is visiting us now for a few days. He leaves the country later this month to do a year long language arts internship at the International School of Trieste in northern Italy - wow! He is going with his longtime girlfriend Liz -they are such a cute couple, don't you think? This is so very exciting for them. I am glad to have some time with Dallas now. We just spent some time with my older son Decklin & his girlfriend Tina on Wolfe Island, and Dallas should be meeting up with Decklin this weekend for dinner : ) in RI with Liz and Tina.
Below, you'll find some of my wolfe island art . . . . more description/how-to will come later . . . the scarf featured on the line has wolfe island grasses printed on it -- I love doing this and I do teach much of what you see here in my 'fabric stamping & painting' workshop -email me for more info!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

we are on vacation!

last year on Wolfe Island . . .

This is a post I scheduled to run before we left for Canada this year, just to remind you that we are away and without computer access. Look for our return, after August 10th.
yours creatively, lenna & steven