Friday, July 11, 2008

The Bleu Willow

My friend Carol Van Gerve told me about this unique gift store that recently opened in Simsbury, CT (May of 2008). The owner, Laura Smigel, had purchased some of Carol's gorgeous greeting cards to sell at her store (scroll down after you follow the link, to see carol's cards). Carol encouraged me to visit the Bleu Willow myself, and I did a few weeks ago. I brought in some of my artwork: a few pieces of jewelry and fabric items, to see if the Laura might be interested. She was, and even better news for me: Three of my reversible wire-wrapped frame necklaces (below) sold right away!

These necklaces feature ARTchix Studio images, frames & charms, and you can click on any photo for more detail.

Today I went to the Bleu Willow again, armed with more jewelry since it was so popular. I also brought in a colorful dyed and stamped denim jacket I have been working on in my spare time : ^ ) Some of the pieces, below:

The Jacket I mentioned is shown to your left. There will be more about how I created it in another post, but here you can see it hanging inside the Bleu Willow. I dyed and stamped a plain white denim jacket and used fabric images printed with a special ink that can stand a gentle washing, from Alpha Stamps.

>> To the right, on the table, is the fabric fairytale book I created with yummy images from Alpha Stamps!

And here is a photo of Laura, the owner of The Bleu Willow in front of her shop! Come visit Wednesday - Friday 11am - 5pm, Saturday 10am - 5pm and Sunday 12 noon -5pm. It is located at 552 Hopmeadow Street in Simsbury CT, near Simsmore Square and Brookside Bagels!!


  1. I finally got to check blogs-my reader was so full, I could not get it to load on my home dial up-so trying the high speed at the library!!!! Congratulations-all of your items are fabulous! Are you doing Etsy sales yet?

    hugs chris

  2. I only wish I could indeed drop in, Lenna, sounds like my kind of shop!! Lovely jewellery and the jacket is gorgeous! I'm sure it won't be in the shop long!!

  3. Hi Lenna -
    What fun! Your jewelry pieces are delightful, and I am happy you found such a great venue so close to home. I will definitely have to go check it out. Sorry I've been out of touch... it's been such a whirlwind since June... just catching my breath a bit before heading out to CA for vacation. Hope you're well, dear :)

    xox - Carla

  4. My husband and I have a google alert set up for Simcoe and Wolfe Isle and your Lenna site popped up. How wonderful for us. I was intrigued by your wonderful artistry, then saw that you are vacationing on Wolfe Isle. I'm on my way on Sunday. We love it also and have our own lovely place on Simcoe (Isle next door). We loved the pics but could not identify the island location for the cottage you visit- your family looks like they are having a wonderful time and we agree that you cannot go wrong on Wolfe, although we are a bit prejudiced about Simce being number #1. We may see you in one of the general stores, the library or perhaps at the dump. We hope you have a great time! Tom and Jo



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