Monday, June 16, 2008

wine glass charms - fun!

Recently, I enjoyed getting out into my studio and creating the beautiful wine glass charms you see here. This was one of those projects I would repeatedly think about doing, but didn't do -until now! About 2 years ago for Steven's 50th birthday party, I strung a few beads on a wire and twisted the wire around the stems of our wine glasses so people would know which glass was theirs! When I later found stainless steel rings with a little clasp in a craft store I thought I could improve my design. But this creative task stayed on my 'to do' list of projects for months! I often put it aside for 'later' because I had other more "important" things to do. Well, I finally said, forget it, and I'm glad I did.

(click on any photo for more detail)
I got out the pre-made circular wire pieces that would hold everything, some beads, shoe buttons from Alpha Stamps, shells and beads already wrapped around a head pin. I located my wire tools for bending the end of her circular wire that would hold it all, found "dog tags" and added them to the mix. then I sat down and played!

Take time to have some creative fun today, it will revive your spirit! Any questions, email me!
yours creatively, Lenna Andrews


  1. I sure wish I could come and have a glass of wine (or two) with you and Steven!!

  2. Hi Lenna! I just started a new blog and got tagged. According to the rules I have to tag seven more people, so consider yourself tagged! If you don't know the rules already you can see them on my blog. I'd like you to come visit even if you do know the rules! LOL!



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