Monday, April 28, 2008

Fabric Paper Collage - A collaboration

This collage was not planned at all. It was one of those things that just happened. The scenario: I am preparing for a Tag Sale on May 9th & 10th, and it's forcing me to unpack the boxes I've been neglecting to open the past 6 months since we moved. On Friday, I opened a box with lots of art inside that we used to have on display in one of our former homes. Included in this box was a drawing Steven had done of my eyes. When I saw it I literally gasped because I had forgotten about it. My first reaction was - wow, something needs to be done with this! It cannot just sit in a box . . . maybe I could do something with it?? I called Steven at work to ask "permission" to use it. Was he done with it? Could I do something with it? YES! he said, by all means, you don't need to ask! So I took his drawing of me and proceeded to grab things off my table from other projects in order to create something more with his drawing . . . . This fabric-paper collage was very hard to photograph or even scan. Steven says that is probably because of his graphite drawing in the middle of it. Click on any photo for more detail . . .

There are snippets of fabric from the last collage I made, even some of the test stamping! There is a bit of the wallpaper I used to make envelopes for the Colour Groupies, and some of the base for both the silver and gold inchies I made for swaps hosted by Frieda Oxenham on ATCs-for-ALL . . . it's just wild that I added whatever was there on the table! For me at that moment, it was more important to create something than to worry too much what it looked like. I do like how this collage came out, but I also think it's a little unusual and not everyone will like it. I have never done a self-portrait before -- this is the closest I have come to doing one yet. I am very happy to have Steven's drawing, which is so excellent and does reflect how I look, incorporated into a piece of art that will be displayed and enjoyed. By itself his drawing was in a way, incomplete. I feel now I have taken his artwork and done something with it to showcase it. Another collaboration for us! (hee hee -I have been asking Steven about doing this again lately!) It is a little strange to see my own eyes looking back at me . . . . .

The iridescent spheres, which I love, are from Alpha Stamps.

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  1. Your eyes look beautiful, Lenna (great job, Steven) and I think you've made a great self-portrait out of it. What a lovely idea too, adding your art to his!!



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