Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fabric Collage - Breathe

I'm working on a free online class about how to make image transfers (to fabric) for ARTchix Studio.com using their collage and transparency images. After trying several different transfer methods to write the tutorial, I decided to use one of the iron-on transfers I made for this class to create something -see below : ) I think the image transfers I did onto fabric came out so beautifully, they were simply calling me to work with them! I truly enjoyed creating this piece and matted it on watercolor paper so it is ready to frame, like the two fabric collages I created for Collage Mania II.

Fabric Collage, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

The image in this fabric collage is from the Women in Art paper collage sheet by ArtChix Studio. I transfered this image to fabric using iron-on transfer paper and will give more details on how to do this in the free image transfer class. Some of the other methods I will go over will be printing collage images directly onto fabric and a gel medium transfer technique that works with ARTchix images. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a site update at ARTchix Studio-that's when you will find this new class uploaded!

Note 5/19/08! The site has been updated! Find all of the ARTchix Studio Free Classes right HERE. I have a number of free classes there and you'll find tons of ideas & instruction from many acomplished and creative artists : )

This fabric collage, titled Breathe, is now matted and ready to be framed . . . . and it was was purchased since this original post by our Pet Sitter April Dube, who fell in love with it when she saw it! : ) I also ended up writing a short tutorial on how to create a fabric collage like the one you see here for the ARTchix site. To read it, follow this direct link. I hope you enjoy!


  1. Looking absolutely lovely, Lenna!! Looking forward to reading your Artchix instructions in due course!

  2. Lenna-fabulous!!! I love this! my son is getting married on the 19th!!! Yikes-that is really soon!

    hugs, chris

  3. Thank you all very much! It was theraputic for me to create this . . .

  4. BEAUTIFUL Lenna!! Can't wait to see the tutorial!

  5. Lenna, this is amazing! If you get time, please stop by my blog and play in the 6 word Memoir Game!

  6. Lenna this is fantastic! I think you could also do this on your pillows...I'll let you know when I get a change to try it...so busy with all the other fabric teqniques you have showed me.

  7. Lenna, you took my breath away!



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