Monday, April 28, 2008

Colour Groupies ::: Sepia & White ATCs

Everyone has received their ATCs, so I can share them with you now! I made these ATCs for the Colour Groupies ~ a small group of mixed media and quilt artists who create ATCs for each other every month based on a color combo theme. For April, our color-combination was Sepia & White.

I chose numerous fabric images from the Alpha Stamps' Shakespeare's Heroines sheet and layered them on top of the fabric I had free-motion machine quilted (something I am just learning how to do). The fabric itself had a nice pattern of leaves and flowers which I roughly went along with.

Below are two pieces of the same fabric I used -- the one on the left is plain so you can see what it looked like before, and on the right is where I did free-motion quilting. This really is an interesting process . . . it is almost like you are painting with your machine needle.

I do like the way it looks! Click on any photo for more detail.

I started with a larger piece like this and then cut it down to size, first in strips and then in ATC size.

I only needed four ATCs for the group, but I created an extra one for me, and one for Leslie at Alpha Stamps.

For the group members, I took a greeting card and cut an opening for the ATC to show through! I think it showcased it rather nicely . . . . Steven is in love with this idea for cards now!

Then I created handmade envelopes very simply with a template and a roll of textured wall paper!

I am really happy for the challenge this small group gives me and the friendships I have developed. Thank you Frieda, for inviting me!! To see all the Colour Groupies ATCs I have completed so far, including this post -- please go here.


  1. Lenna, My gorgeous atc card arrived today and it is such a treasure. Thank you so much for your beautiful work, and what a presentation!

  2. It's wonderful to see all these together, Lenna, and your free-machining is a great addition. In the trade following the pattern in the fabric is called echo quilting! Did you see by the way that I used some of your envelope in my I is for Imogen page. I fell in love with it on sight!



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