Friday, March 14, 2008

small collage

small collage, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

I am going to participate in Collage Mania II this year (the deadline is soon!) and this small college (4x6) was a practice, or rather a warm-up for me. I used a bit of the paper & fabric collage I created last summer based on the instructions my quilt and mixed media artist friend, Frieda Oxenham gave me. Oh, what great fun this was to make! I think I will try my hand at another fabric paper collage soon. Read more about the process here and, can you spy the section of the larger fabric & paper collage I got this from?


  1. Beautiful, Lenna!!! And I enjoyed reading about the process.. I think I'll have to try that.

  2. Wow! nice collage! I hope all is going well as you return to normal routine as you are once again home. And hope all is well with your parents.

  3. I like you collage very much, Lenna! And I also think that Frieda Oxenham is a very good artist. You both give me so much inspiration!

  4. This is wonderful, you have done such a great job. Frieda will be proud of you...

  5. your collage is beautiful!!:0)

  6. I just found your blog thru a link on In A Minute Ago. I love this piece. Great work.

  7. Hi Lenna!

    I have nominated you for an award as a blog that´ brings me inspiration and makes me appreciate the blogosphere´Now it´s your turn to do the same for 10 others who inspired you ( if you want to !?)

  8. Thank you, Gunnel, for the honor! I don’t think I will be able to participate at this time, though. (sigh) too many things going on & my dad has been ill. But I truly am honored you chose me! Thank you.

    lenna andrews, Avon CT
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