Friday, January 11, 2008

Inchies (my first)

Hmmmm . . . . what do a box of chocolates have to do with "inchies" you say?? Well, my friend Frieda Oxenham is hosting a 'chocolate' brown inchies swap through ATCards! (This site is closing (02/08), but a new trading site is being set up: ). I had never made an inchie before but Frieda certainly got me interested with all the uploads on her blog and I knew she would be a wonderful hostess . . . so I signed up! There was some talk of real chocolates on the ATCard forum and it gave me an idea. I found a photo of chocolates - and knew I would use it somehow to make my first inchies.

Inchies are just that, 1" square little works of art, fabric or paper. A very small work space! But I did enjoy the challenge. I took the photo and played with the size, testing it on plain paper first. When I got the photo the size I wanted (1-inch chocolates!) I printed it out onto fabric that was already prepared with an adhesive backing. Then I attached the chocolate printed fabric to a piece of fuzzy chocolate brown fleece fabric I had leftover from another project. I sewed with a zig zag stitch around each chocolate in preparation to cut them out.

They seemed like they need more, my inchies. They were just too plain simply printed out onto fabric, so I used brown acrylic paint, prisma glitter and little clear but captivating Iridescent Glass Spheres from Alpha Stamps - I can't get enough of these! Below is what my chocolate inchies looked like after decorating -- click on any photo for a larger more detailed view - note the 2 empty wrappers!

And below still, what my inchies looked like cut up with pinking sheers and ready to be sent to Frieda --

I also signed up for Frieda's Silver Inchies swap . . . I figured if I tried making inchies once, I may as well try again and see what I think! This time I did not use fabric, but a silver duct wrapping tape I got from the hardware store that I have used in altered books before because it is easily tooled. I used the same principal for the inchies, tooling it with a dull pencil., making marks. I started like this below, a full sheet. I attached the duct tape to a piece of cardstock and doodled away:

and my inchies ended up like this!

It was fun, Frieda!
- and a first for me.

Thank you. I look forward to my returns and we'll see what I cook up to do with them to display them : )


  1. What a great chocolate idea!! I must try to make some chocolate, Thanks a lot for your description how to make lovely chocolat!!! :)

  2. very clever Lenna - the chocolate inches came out great - it was the perfect picture for this! I like the duct tape inches as well for silver - great ideas!
    Mary Z.

  3. These are too fun!!! Love the chocolates-they look good enough to eat-and the silver ones are wonderful! Caution-they are addictive! Hugs to you and Mr.Pie!

  4. Oh YUMMIE!!!!!!!! What truely delicious inchies and of course you needed to get a box of chocolates! Wonder what happened to that??!!
    Can't wait to see the inchies in the flesh, one lot so naughty but nice and the other lot sparkling!

  5. I bought a copy of classic stitches magazines & to my surprise there is a great article by Frieda on quilties.

  6. Hi Lenna! Those chocolate inchies look good enough to fact, there's one Godiva truffle in the cabinet upstairs that's supposed to be for Jol, but I m feeling very tempted to eat it... I love the duct tape inchies too. They make me think of old tin ceiling tiles - so pretty! (p.s. - thanks for the visit and comment on my latest piece. I had fun with thid one:>)

  7. Hey LennaWorldOfPies,
    How are you girlfriend?? Your trip looks to have been mmmmmmmarvelous, good for the soul, heart and art! :0) That is awesome!(I got your card sweetie) thank you!!!!! Love your chocolate inchies.........great idea! Clever girl! Hehehehe!
    Big New Year Hugs,Patti



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