Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pay it Forward!

I was visiting Sandy Babb’s Blog – Quill Cottage when I saw an interesting post entitled Pay It Forward. I was so intrigued by this idea; what did that mean? I even went to check out the post where Sandy had first seen this challenge; The Feathered Nest. Well, I love creating, especially when it brings a smile to someone's face, and so I decided to sign up in response to Sandy’s post!

Pay It Forward – This is how it works: I will make three small handcrafted items, one for each of the first three people who would also like to do this challenge and announce it on their blogs, thus paying it forward. The first three comments left on this post, expressing an interest to volunteer to take this challenge, will continue the deed of kindness and receive a gift from me!

~ November 1st: I have my 3 volunteers, thank you!!

To participate:

1. Comment on this post, expressing your wish to participate in ‘Pay it Forward’. I will contact the first three responders for your mailing address so I can send you your giftie. Make sure I have your email! If I can't contact you, I won't be able to include you : (

2. The first 3 to comment here who I can contact, will receive a little handmade gift from ME!

3. The first three who comment here will post this message on their own blog, and offer three more small gifts, handmade by them. You will be making one gift for each of the first three people who comment on your post, who in turn will go ahead and announce this idea on their blog and then make gifts for the first three people that sign up with them!

~ On & on the cycle continues . . . . . everyone has fun - plus there is beautiful art to enjoy & display in your home and cool mail to anticipate and open!

I hope that you will join me in spreading a little handmade love! Now to get busy & make 3 Little gifts! : )

Creatively Yours : ) Lenna


  1. Hi Jan. Thanks, but I need to know your blog or a way to contact you for your mailing address! When I checked on your profile it iwas empty - perhaps you have moved to another format?? Let me know! Click on my name for an email link, thanks. Let me know how to reach you.

  2. Thanks Maggie! I have your email and will check with you to make sure I have your correct mailing address. Sometime soon after you get a chance to post 'Pay it Forward' on your own blog, I will happily send you a little something I have handmade to make you smile : ) Thanks for signing up, what fun!! lenna

  3. Jan,
    I'm so glad you saw my reply post and contacted me!! I see you already have it up on your blog- http://stampqnart.blogspot.com/
    - that's so great!!
    I will be making you a little something and sending it out by the weekend. Thanks, Jan, hope you enjoy it!

  4. Lenna - I had my first response to my pay it forward tonight. I just finished making a gift and posted the pic on my blog. Thanks for posting pay it forward.

  5. Hi Lenna, I would love to play.

  6. Maggie, Jan & Eva - I am so glad you all signed up for the 'pay it foward' idea! Thanks to Sandy for announcing it on her blog where I signed up!

    I have my 3 volunteers now who will post the challenge on their blog. I will be creating a small handmade gift for each of them and sending it off by early next week; I will let you know when I do!

  7. Hi Lenna,
    Thank you so much!! :) I recived my lovel gift from you yesterday.



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