Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pay it Forward!

I was visiting Sandy Babb’s Blog – Quill Cottage when I saw an interesting post entitled Pay It Forward. I was so intrigued by this idea; what did that mean? I even went to check out the post where Sandy had first seen this challenge; The Feathered Nest. Well, I love creating, especially when it brings a smile to someone's face, and so I decided to sign up in response to Sandy’s post!

Pay It Forward – This is how it works: I will make three small handcrafted items, one for each of the first three people who would also like to do this challenge and announce it on their blogs, thus paying it forward. The first three comments left on this post, expressing an interest to volunteer to take this challenge, will continue the deed of kindness and receive a gift from me!

~ November 1st: I have my 3 volunteers, thank you!!

To participate:

1. Comment on this post, expressing your wish to participate in ‘Pay it Forward’. I will contact the first three responders for your mailing address so I can send you your giftie. Make sure I have your email! If I can't contact you, I won't be able to include you : (

2. The first 3 to comment here who I can contact, will receive a little handmade gift from ME!

3. The first three who comment here will post this message on their own blog, and offer three more small gifts, handmade by them. You will be making one gift for each of the first three people who comment on your post, who in turn will go ahead and announce this idea on their blog and then make gifts for the first three people that sign up with them!

~ On & on the cycle continues . . . . . everyone has fun - plus there is beautiful art to enjoy & display in your home and cool mail to anticipate and open!

I hope that you will join me in spreading a little handmade love! Now to get busy & make 3 Little gifts! : )

Creatively Yours : ) Lenna

Friday, October 26, 2007

2008 Vintage Image Madness calendar submission!

My friend Casie Metcalf who runs the on-line shop Vintage Image Madness is hosting a collaborative project! Earlier this summer when sending out her monthly shop newsletter, Casie wrote:
"I'd like to announce my first collaborative project on the Vintage Image Madness website! I'm very excited about this idea and hope that you will be too. I'd like to design a 2008 desk calendar using vintage images from my site that will be packaged in the blank CD cases.
In order to participate in this project, you will create one (or more if you so desire) piece of artwork sized 4 x 4 inches square. The backs don't need to be decorated but should contain your name and email address. Each piece chosen for the calendar will be featured and the designer will receive a calendar as a thank you for participating. Do not design a page with any specific month in mind. Please mail your finished piece and signed released to me - please email me for my snail mail addy and an emailed copy of the release. Questions? Please email me at mainemadness@gwi.net ."

Casie wrote to me recently and asked me (begged me?!) if I could submit something as she needed a few more pieces to complete the calendar. I had been busy with moving earlier this summer and had not paid attention to her call. This is what I came up with - all of the images were downloaded at a very reasonable price from Vintage Image Madness.

The piece above was done on a card stock 4x4 square with watercolor crayons adding color and a text stamp for interest. The 2nd piece (blue) was a piece of scrap silk that I had painted with dye-na-flow attached with batting to a 4x4 card. The beauty of images you pay for once & download to print whenever you like was really apparent to me on this piece. I splattered too much metallic ink on the faces of the couple. What to do? I ran upstairs and reprinted the image, cut the couple out and laid it over my "mistake" - another creative recovery for me, thanks to the re-printable nature of these sheets! thanks Casie, I had fun and I hope to see one of these on your 2008 calendar!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Slide Show of my ATC class at Artfest4theSouL!

I really had a fun day on Saturday October 20th, traveling to Cromwell CT to teach an all-day workshop at ARtFest for the SouL. My workshop that day was the ATC Book with Fabric cover that I had published on the Cover of Expression Magazine in their May/June 2005 issue. I had a small class of 3 students, but I must say that did not seem to matter. I think we all had a wonderful time! It had been a while since I had taught an "in person" class, but I got back in the groove quickly that day and received rave accolades on my organization of class materials and generosity in sharing from Sharon, Laura & Elizabeth; thank you all!! In this slide show you will see all the individual pages (ATCs) we made together that would later become our book pages, as well as the finished books we put together. We all finished our project too - something I know some of you did not know if we could do at the beginning of the class!

I must extend hearty congratulations to Sallianne McLelland, Ellen Purtill-Legare, Lauren LaFlamme and Iris Carde for putting on a really top notch event right in my home state of CT, to benefit breast cancer patients. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about the whole weekend from my students! : ) yours creatively, Lenna

p.s. click on "View all images" for larger photos.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Joyful Creativity Award!

My friend Carla Kurt gave me a blog award last week! She wrote me and told me to take a peek at her blog, which I actually frequent quite often just to see what she has been creating. She is a talented painter and mixed media artist; I love her style. On her blog, look for the October 9th - Awards post. I was so surprised and quite touched. This has never happened to me before, to be given a blog award! Carla wrote,

"I moved to Connecticut a little over four years ago, and making friends has been a slow process. One day, I came across Lenna Andrew's blog through an Inspire Me Thursday challenge, and discovered that she lived a few minutes from my home! We emailed back and forth a bit, and finally met for coffee. Since then, we've become friends and art buddies, a doubly special thing for me. Lenna's blog, Creative Lenna, is a rich and colorful chronicle of her art and life. I always enjoy seeing the gorgeous mixed media pieces she creates and reading about the various swaps she does with artists all over the world. I marvel at the beauty she creates, and the real joy each piece conveys. I am happy to call her a friend, and to give her the Joyful Creativity Award."

Thank you, Carla! Your art is a joy to me, as well as your friendship. I am so glad you will be coming over tomorrow to see our new home. I have finally started unpacking my studio!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

100th Post and a journal spread!

It's hard to believe this is my 100th post to this online art blog I started just this past January. Because of our moving and all I have not been posting as much lately, but I figure --that's just how it is! I don't have that banner you may have seen on other blogs up here (BWO: blogging without obligation) but I do think it has a very good message. SO, I do try not to worry when I'm not posting as much - like lately!

But I do have something to share with you tonight. I am in a Journal exchange as I mentioned in an earlier post called "TipTop Journals". We all started with the same size journal (8x8) and we are creating a spread of pages (2 facing pages) for a different partner each month. She in return will create a spread for me on my theme. Each month we send just our pages! What I like about this is that it only cost me $1.62 to send the pages I did for Debby to her, and she lives in Canada! Plus, I will receive pages on a monthly basis and fill up my journal as we move through this 10 month exchange! It seems like a great plan to me.

Debby's theme is Sepia & White and so that is what I was thinking of when creating these pages. You can click on any photo for a more detailed view. I reached for old embroidered linens of my Nonie's, old music & book text, some Renior paintings from wrapping paper, fabric, handmade paper and vintage lace. I glued and sewed onto the base pages and finished them by using some sewing themed 7Gypsies rub-ons I got from Alpha Stamps. I usually work with a lot more color, and most of my art supplies are still in boxes . . . so this was a challenge!! But I am glad I rose to the occasion and Debby loved the photos I shared, so I am a happy camper! I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Alpha Stamps Design Team

Leslie Elledge of Alpha Stamps sent a call out through her website for "Design Team Members" this summer. Over the past year or so I had been informally creating Alpha Stamp samples for her on an as needed basis, but this was something different; a more formal arrangement with a contract. Here is the original Design Team Call that Leslie posted in August, 2007. I was in the middle of selling my home, buying a home, packing & moving when this call came out and I almost did not go through the application process. I felt even though I probably had a pretty good shot at making the team because Leslie knew my artwork, my reliability, and my output -- I was not sure I had the time to answer the application questions, and come up with samples (photos) to show my style. I put off filling the application out and wondered if I would let the opportunity go . . . until I heard that my on-line friend from Scotland, Frieda Oxenham was applying! I thought for sure Frieda would make the team, and that spurred me on to take a break from the house-related activities to apply. I thought the chance to work with Frieda and other artists like her would be a wonderful thing for me.

Drum Roll . . . . I finished the application, send everything in on time , and found out last week I made the Alpha Stamps DESIGN TEAM! I am so very, VERY happy about this! It is an honor. Leslie's announcement about the team is on her Alpha Stamps Blog. As far as making samples now, things will be much more organized and on a schedule, plus I will have the added benefit of working with the other very talented Team Members from all over the world. Thank you, Leslie for this opportunity and to Bella, DTM Coordinator, for all your efforts. This will be good!

This is the photo I sent in for my application - Steven took this great photo of me, with our pups Asia & Chloe on the Deck of our new home. : )) Since then, we have adopted TWO 5 month old kitties - but that is another story I will share with you later!!


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