Monday, September 10, 2007

new swap art and a new home . . .

The Circle Book swap is complete and ALL the pages were sent out this morning! You can get a glimpse of all of the pages sent in for this cool swap on my swaps blog:

To the right is my own circle book, showing a peek of most of the pages I received by participating, plus extras that were given to me as hostess-thank you! I used a ring clasp to hold them all together as the screw post was not big enough and I still need to decorate the cover. Well, sometime! The top orange & black page is my own, Steven's favorite, which I kept -click on the picture for a close up. I made 21 pages, swapped 20. I really enjoyed hosting this swap even though unexpectedly, the due date fell days before Steven & I are moving to a new home!! Geeze . . . I finished the swap none-the-less, and this really is a joyous time for Steven & I. We feel like we have found our true "place" to live and be together. We loved our little house near the Lake, our first home together, but it was not quite 'it' for us; a little too cramped . . . . I don't know how to say it except this move feels very right to us. This has all happened very fast. In exactly one month we have sold our Secret Lake house and we are moving to a new home. But it is a goood, true thing, much like when Steven & I re-connected in 2004 after my first husband left me. Now I am more sure than ever that our fast courtship in 2004 was so right. We are a true match! Our new home feels that way too. It simply feels more "us"- more steven & lenna. So, enough philosophizing! Here are some photos of where we are moving to on Thursday, September 13th, 2007. Here's our new nest . . .


  1. These are great shots of your new place and I can't wait to see how you decorate your new digs. The circle book project looks grand, but you always host the best swaps. Happy moving!

  2. Your new home looks lovely, Lenna...and so much room!!! I love all the light and the wood floors...I know you and your family will be so happy there!!!

  3. Hey Nice new digs!!! This is Kris @ Kerr Agency by the way. I am glad you found a house to call "home" !!

  4. Lenna and Steven, Welcome to your new house. I just love your new home! The deck looks like a place where're you meant to sit, soak up the sun and have a glass of wine while stroking the dogs (and perhaps also for a romantic kiss!). So pleased you've found such a wonderful new nest!
    And I agree with Steven about the circle page you kept. It looks superb! I've ever so pleased with mine too, specially as it's got another example of your art in it!

  5. Such a lovely house Lenna! I*m sure it'll be just right for you all. Good luck with the move.
    Hugs, Gunvor

  6. Thank you all so much, it's so great to be here. Steven & I are tired & happy : ))

  7. Your new home is beautiful! I'm working on the quilties project led by Frieda on Paper Whimsy, so she suggested visiting your site for ideas! This will be my first quiltie. Love your name by the way! Mine's Lennea!

  8. wow what a beautiful new home and awesome space and all you have!!! also a beautiful yard and all too!!! enjoy it dear!!! I know you will!!! hugs Linda

  9. Lenna, I hope that you will both be very happy together in your beautiful new home.

  10. What a lovely house! Good luck!
    Oh, tomorrow I beginn your online class "Mina Art Quilt Bood" it´s gonna be so exciting :-))

  11. Beautiful home Lenna! Huge congrats.

  12. Your new house is gorgeous. congratulations on finding a place that will become your new home. who gets loft space for a studio?!



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