Sunday, September 23, 2007

1st art I've done since moving!!

Here is a fabric page I did for Kyla Eversman's book. Ladies of the Sea. We are both participants in the FBRR = Fabric Book Round Robin, hosted by Dawn Sellers.

This is the first bit of art work I have done since moving a week and a half ago! It felt really great to sit in my studio and work on these pages, even though everything is still in boxes. I had packed a few things in advance in a tote bag -- a "traveling studio" of sorts, and I worked out of that. I can already tell though, that I will be enjoying my new space to work in.

Kyla had prepared fabric pages for us as a base to work on & I really liked that. Here, I have used an Alpha Stamps fabric image from Mermaids #2 - on this page, scroll down. I also glued various papers to the fabric base after sewing the image on. Fun!

Here's the other page I did for Kyla's book. You can see the base page Kyla prepared - just click on any picture for more detail. I've used a word stamp from CatsLife Press - stamped with VersaCraft ink . . . and I have used some beautiful fibers given to me by one of my swap participants, Giselle. (The sage green one was perfect for grasses-thanks again!) To finish it I used some old lace given to me by my friend Angie Bhatia in the UK, I believe!

It felt really good to do this fabric art. Next on my list, I have an altered book and a mixed media journal page spread to do by October 12th or so . . . I do hope to get back to the studio soon! There are lots of things to unpack; we are still getting settled and I have also just started teaching an online class through - the mini art quilt fabric book. (you can still join if you are interested) All of this takes a bit of time but working creatively is such a good thing. I hope that you too can make time to be creative soon. : ^ )


  1. Very nice pieces Lenna! And thanks for the lovley class; Mini ArtQuilt........... I really love it! Soon I will add my photos!

  2. What a lovely new home you have! a wonderful place to live!

  3. My comments of your beautiful new home came on the wrong place :)
    I love your 1st art done in your new home! And a lovely quote, it´s lovely.



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