Sunday, September 30, 2007

Check out this Slide Show!

This is something I just found on another blog and decided to try out. It's from ~ I hope you enjoy! It's pretty cool and was not hard to do. : ) lenna

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

journal Cover

I am part of a group of mixed media artists gathered together by the extreamly talented Frieda Oxenham & the very creative Debby Harriettha . Over the next 10 months we will collaborate on our "TipTop Journals". We are each starting with an 8x8 blank journal -theme of our choice, decorating the cover - doing a page spread ourselves if we like, for our own book. Then our job is to create a spread of pages each month for our mailing partner - Frieda matches us up with someone new each month! We are mailing & exchanging JUST the pages this time - a brilliant idea!
With all that I have been focused on as of late it will come as no surprise to you that the theme for my journal is: Looking for a Nest. I finally worked on my cover tonight, to give my partner a feel for my journal and my theme. I collaged fabric, paper, and photos of our new house and some photos of actual nests! I stamped feathers, nests and birds, did a little writing by hand and added a bit of gold (Brass) Lumiere. You can click on the photo for more detail. It certainly felt good to do this!
My partner is Debby, and I will create a spread of pages on debby's theme: vintage sepia & white, while debby will create a home/nesting page for me -- all by the 14th of October! The other participants in the group are: Abby Lazar, Angie Hall Haviland, Caryl Hoobler, Judy Evitts, Paula Dion, Peggy Gato, and Terrie Lightfoot - wow! I will be updating you on my journal spreads for these artists every month.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

1st art I've done since moving!!

Here is a fabric page I did for Kyla Eversman's book. Ladies of the Sea. We are both participants in the FBRR = Fabric Book Round Robin, hosted by Dawn Sellers.

This is the first bit of art work I have done since moving a week and a half ago! It felt really great to sit in my studio and work on these pages, even though everything is still in boxes. I had packed a few things in advance in a tote bag -- a "traveling studio" of sorts, and I worked out of that. I can already tell though, that I will be enjoying my new space to work in.

Kyla had prepared fabric pages for us as a base to work on & I really liked that. Here, I have used an Alpha Stamps fabric image from Mermaids #2 - on this page, scroll down. I also glued various papers to the fabric base after sewing the image on. Fun!

Here's the other page I did for Kyla's book. You can see the base page Kyla prepared - just click on any picture for more detail. I've used a word stamp from CatsLife Press - stamped with VersaCraft ink . . . and I have used some beautiful fibers given to me by one of my swap participants, Giselle. (The sage green one was perfect for grasses-thanks again!) To finish it I used some old lace given to me by my friend Angie Bhatia in the UK, I believe!

It felt really good to do this fabric art. Next on my list, I have an altered book and a mixed media journal page spread to do by October 12th or so . . . I do hope to get back to the studio soon! There are lots of things to unpack; we are still getting settled and I have also just started teaching an online class through - the mini art quilt fabric book. (you can still join if you are interested) All of this takes a bit of time but working creatively is such a good thing. I hope that you too can make time to be creative soon. : ^ )

Monday, September 10, 2007

new swap art and a new home . . .

The Circle Book swap is complete and ALL the pages were sent out this morning! You can get a glimpse of all of the pages sent in for this cool swap on my swaps blog:

To the right is my own circle book, showing a peek of most of the pages I received by participating, plus extras that were given to me as hostess-thank you! I used a ring clasp to hold them all together as the screw post was not big enough and I still need to decorate the cover. Well, sometime! The top orange & black page is my own, Steven's favorite, which I kept -click on the picture for a close up. I made 21 pages, swapped 20. I really enjoyed hosting this swap even though unexpectedly, the due date fell days before Steven & I are moving to a new home!! Geeze . . . I finished the swap none-the-less, and this really is a joyous time for Steven & I. We feel like we have found our true "place" to live and be together. We loved our little house near the Lake, our first home together, but it was not quite 'it' for us; a little too cramped . . . . I don't know how to say it except this move feels very right to us. This has all happened very fast. In exactly one month we have sold our Secret Lake house and we are moving to a new home. But it is a goood, true thing, much like when Steven & I re-connected in 2004 after my first husband left me. Now I am more sure than ever that our fast courtship in 2004 was so right. We are a true match! Our new home feels that way too. It simply feels more "us"- more steven & lenna. So, enough philosophizing! Here are some photos of where we are moving to on Thursday, September 13th, 2007. Here's our new nest . . .