Saturday, July 28, 2007

Journal Quilt #25

Here is Journal Quilt #25, which I completed last week in front of the Saint Lawrence river, while we were vacationing on Wolfe Island at Steven's family cottage . . . . so lovely! When we got home my computer's hard drived died - ugh. I only just got my scanner connected again to my computer today; the first operating system we tried out did not work with my equiptment. BUT!! Steven had saved all my files, photos, lessons, etc etc with the nightly back-ups he does. I am very lucky!! It just took a little time to copy everything and install my programs. I lost my old JASC photo program in the process, so if anyone has any suggestions for photo image editing programs please leave me a comment. I just tried an HP program & hated it, so for now I am using Microsoft Office Picture Manager. I also tried a Corel program this week & that did not cut it for me either. I understand how files & folders work and need something quick & efficient to work with!!

Here's the back of the JQ - click on any photo for more detail . . . I am still getting used to this scanner so bear with me . . . .

That is an ARTchix Studio
Floral Beauty card by the talented Debby Harriettha on the front of my quiltie!!!


  1. Lenna, I adore the colors and composition in this quiltie! Sounds like you had a fabulous vacation and as if you've survived a hard drive crash. Good for Steve - backing your stuff up regularly! :) xoxo, Fran

  2. Lenna! I love this JQ. The colors, prints, design-phenominal! I could almost feel the quilt when I looked at it. Great job! xoxooxox

  3. Thank you both so much. In learning how to use my new scanner, this scanned fairly large, Pilar - so I can see how you could say "you could almost feel it!" : ) I love the blue-sea green turtle fabric and I like how the water came out, made with strips of the same fabric - and Debby's Floral Beauties girl swimming! It was fun to hand stitch it all while on vacation too.
    thanks very much to both of you for your comments. xl lenna

  4. Lovely to see your artwork again, Lenna, after your holiday!

  5. The colors in this one are so beautiful... I can see the influence of the water:> I love the feeling of water you created with the ribbons. There's great dimensionality and flow throughout. I use photoshop for working with photos, artwork, and so much more. You could get photoshop elements, which is less expensive. It isn't as deep, but it is pretty awesome.

  6. Lenna, I love this piece. You have used such gorgeous colors and I am thrilled that you used my AC floral beauty.
    Glad to hear you had another wonderful vacation on Wolfe Island. I love to hear you speak of this wonderful place.



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