Saturday, July 28, 2007

Journal Quilt #25

Here is Journal Quilt #25, which I completed last week in front of the Saint Lawrence river, while we were vacationing on Wolfe Island at Steven's family cottage . . . . so lovely! When we got home my computer's hard drived died - ugh. I only just got my scanner connected again to my computer today; the first operating system we tried out did not work with my equiptment. BUT!! Steven had saved all my files, photos, lessons, etc etc with the nightly back-ups he does. I am very lucky!! It just took a little time to copy everything and install my programs. I lost my old JASC photo program in the process, so if anyone has any suggestions for photo image editing programs please leave me a comment. I just tried an HP program & hated it, so for now I am using Microsoft Office Picture Manager. I also tried a Corel program this week & that did not cut it for me either. I understand how files & folders work and need something quick & efficient to work with!!

Here's the back of the JQ - click on any photo for more detail . . . I am still getting used to this scanner so bear with me . . . .

That is an ARTchix Studio
Floral Beauty card by the talented Debby Harriettha on the front of my quiltie!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bookmark for July ART Lotto

Here is my bookmark for the July ART Lottery on the art-e-zine yahoo group - click on the images for a more detailed view! I won the June by the Sea Art Lottery (it is a random drawing) - if you enter you have a chance of winning ALL the art posted! I hope you join us, it will be fun. As the winner I choose the medium of bookmarks with a theme of favorite quotes. If you are a member of the art-e-zine yahoo group all you have to do is make one and upload it - easy! This bookmark is yet another piece I have made using a copy of my fabric & paper collage that I created last week (scroll down). This time I stamped white leaves on top . . .

Sunday, July 8, 2007

fabric collage = more ideas, gifts

I took a photo copy on matte photo paper of a section of the large fabric collage I made last week, then used the paper copy to decorate the cover of a blank journal. Even though it is a COPY of my fabric & paper collage- it looks like the real thing because of the matte photo paper! Click on the photo for more detail.

I used YES glue to adhere the paper copy to the plastic-like cover of the journal. You can see that I also added a real peice of the fern tissue paper to the bottom of the collaged copy - it matches the copy of the same image above it. I also added a litte stamping to the cover with StazOn ink (permanent) - also just a couple of stamps to the inside pages. I made this journal for my son Dallas, 22 years old. Dallas and his girlfriend Liz will be leaving the area tomorrow for a stop in Maryland to visit with her parents and store some stuff, and then on to Chicago to set down new roots. Steven and I had a family party for them last night and I wanted to give them each a gift as a going away present.

The inside is very simple - look:

For Liz, I took a felted bag I found at and a copy of my fabric collage that I had copied to a fabric sheet. I cut a rectagular section and used the Ultimate glue to attach it, adding a fiber-like trim to 2 sides. Liz loved it! See the photos below . . . .

Click on the photos for more detail.

A few photos from our party for Dallas & Liz . . . .

My sister, Decklin and Dallas

Here is Liz, her mom Peg, and My dad looking at one of the beautiful canoes he made for us . . .

Me and my mom - isn't she beautiful in the shirt I stamped for her 10 years ago??

My love Steven, with our pup Asia playing tricks again . . .

This is a Bongo Board! Dallas told me I made his night complete by having it out! When I was a little girl we used to balance on this in the basement all the time & my boys did the same growing up. : ))

happy day!

More fun fotos from this party
here - scroll down under the journal quilt : ))

Saturday, July 7, 2007

random photos

I just had to take this photo yesterday afternoon! About 2 years ago I hosted a Transparent Wings ATC swap. Clarissa Sharp's ATCs won best artwork in this ARTchix Studio sponsored swap -- participants had to use an image from one of ARTchix's Transparency sheets (with wings). They also had to punch a hole or otherwise add a ribbon to these ATCs so they could be hung up. I received one of Clarrisa's in the swap as she made an extra one for me and ever since then it has been hanging in a window in my home - both homes that we have lived in since then; July 5th marks one year since we moved! You may have to click on this photo to see what I saw as I was walking up the stairs - a very artisically placed daddy long legs! He looks like he is part of her design. : )

This next picture is just to share a photo of me taking a break from working at the computer. My art and the computer/printer, etc. go hand in hand these days and I communicate with many of you this way. Steven snapped this photo after teasing me (again!) about something . . . . he laughed and said I am giving a 'look' I give him a lot! I must say I am a happy woman.

fabric collage - more

I had forgotten I had a couple more pictures in my camera related to Frieda's fabric collage technique I recently tried . . . please read the two posts below this one - 'Fabric Collage' and 'Journal Quilt #24' - for more about this!

This photo shows the 6 reprints of my fabric/paper collage that I made onto Matte Photo paper on the top left, and also the 3 reprints I made onto 'fabric sheets' on the top right. The original collage is shown on the bottom (click on the photo for more detail). One of the fabric sheets was home-made, meaning I ironed muslin onto freezer paper to send it through my printer. That's the one on the bottom of the 3 . . . and the one I used to make my journal quilt #24 with. The other 2 fabric sheets are commercially made and whiter & brighter!

This photo shows my journal quilt in progress . . . for the finished quiltie, see the post below this. I love seeing the actual tissue paper of the fern-like plant on top of the cloth that holds the photo copied version of the same image! It's darker and repeats the pattern, which I like. I am excited about this new technique (for me) that I learned from Frieda. I think this is just the beginning!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Journal Quilt #24

I know it's been a couple of weeks since I posted a journal quilt . . . you can read my journal entry below (the back of this quiltie) to learn more. This quiltie is #24 in my year long challenge. I hope to create 50 journal quilts by the time we ring in 2008! Click on the photo of the journal quilt for more detail. Here's what's written on the back - typed as a document and then printed out into fabric:
- - -
July 6th, 2007 * Journal Quilt Number 24 *

*Lenna Loves*

It’s been a few weeks since I have created a journal quilt . . . if you look at my blog you can see I have been busy making other things, and I think I also got tired of the deadline. : ) I am about halfway to my goal of making 50 or so journal quilts this year. Actually, however many I end up making - I will be happy! I’ve decided to be a bit looser with myself about this though, and not put the pressure on -- feeling I must to make one of these every Monday or Tuesday. In fact, today is Friday, heehee!

This journal quilt is different! I asked my friend Frieda Oxenham - an award winning quilter and major fabric artist, how she did her ‘fabric collages’ she kept mentioning on her blog. She was kind enough to give me a quick tutorial on her technique. I tried it with a bit of a twist - I don’t think you’d know I did the same technique basically as Frieda did when looking at both of our collages and subsequent pieces. It was great fun, as I took my original fabric collage which is rough & textured from the matte medium and I photo copied it onto a piece of muslin – wow!! I love trying new things. I used this as a base for my 6 x 6 inch journal quilt. I added a bit of sewing to the journal quilt, free-style, then added some ribbons and some beautiful starfish charms (Silver Seashell Set) from Alpha Stamps and felt it was done.

Thank you, Frieda. I am lucky to ‘know’ you across the pond!
- - -
To read about how I created the fabric collage used as the base for this journal quilt scroll down to the previous post or go here: Fabric Collage. The fern-like sprig in the bottom right hand corner is a piece of tissue paper laid on top of my photo copied fabric with matte medium. You can see the same image, copied from my original collage above it! The text "Lenna - Lenna Loves" was a printed out jpg file from a program I found called Typogenerator - From their site: "How does typogenerator work? The user types some text; typoGenerator searches for the text and creates a background from the found images, using randomly chosen effects. then it places the text, using random effects too." Pretty neat. Hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fabric Collage

I follow Frieda Oxenham's blog on a fairly regular basis because I love the fabric art she creates and she is also very prolific! If just a little bit of time goes by, I am sure to find something new on her site. : ) Frieda often writes about how she created a smaller piece - an ATC, or a postcard - from a larger 'fabric collage' she made. Frieda created many beautiful ATCs for my Summer Garden swap with this process -- and you can view them here. I thought Frieda might be layering bits of paper and paper napkins together on a fabric base to make a fabric collage “sheet” to cut up for various projects, but I wasn't sure. I asked her if she would mind explaining her process to me?? Frieda graciously replied:

"Hi Lenna,
Yes, I tend to make large collages and then cut them up for various projects. I start with a piece of muslin (called calico here in the U.K. but definitely muslin in US speak) and watered down PVA glue (about 1 part PVA to 5 parts water). I saturate the muslin with that and then lay down things like vinage paper pictures, torn pages from old books and dictionaries, music sheets etc. and saturate them with the mixture as well. Then I add napkins (only the top thin layer) and/or coloured tissue paper, and again wet it well with the PVA mix. Finally I squirt Dye-na-Flow dyes on the empty (i.e.) white spaces and because the piece is really wet, the paint flows out in a lovely manner. Give it a try!!"

Wow! thank you so much, Frieda! I went ahead and did a variation of this using fabric remants & paper bits, tissue paper, paper napkins and matte medium instead of PVA, which I did not have. I collaged these things onto a piece of muslin (called 'calico' in the UK!) and sent pictures to Frieda already as I was so excited. I did not use Dye-Na-Flow this time, but that's a good idea and I'll try it in the future. I think Frieda sometimes copies her collages onto fabric so it's one smooth piece . . . I may use the one I made as is, or maybe copy onto fabric - do a little of both! What fun, thank you so much Frieda. Here are some views of my piece - click on them for more details:

>>>> upper and lower left side

>>>>> upper and lower right side

Mine looks very different from Frieda's, but I like the process and the results very much! I am going to definitely use this collage piece to create a journal quilt (or two or three) - as I have not created one of my weekly journal quilts for 2 weeks now. It seems I have been busy & caught up doing other things and I let it slide . . . but I will get back to doing this and share a new JQ soon! I have created 23 so far this year and that is just about 1/2 of my goal of 50, not bad!
Again, many, many thanks to Frieda for her inspiration and generous sharing spirit . . . creatively yours, lenna

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mail Art for Ann

Something fun is on it's way to my friend Ann Peterson . . . she has a new apartment in Arizona and I thought she could use something delightful in her new mailbox! This was done with a Fabrico/VersaCraft ink pad, both the envelope & the lace. The stamped leaves are Katy Widger design, sold through Rubber Poet. Click on the envelope for more detail.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

art-e-zine yahoo: By The Sea!

I participated in the art-e-zine yahoo group's Art Lottery for June (here is my entry) and WON! It is a random drawing . . . anyone who creates a piece of art based on the media & theme (postcards & by the sea) and uploads it to the group has a chance to win!
: ^ ) This was my first time to win & I am thrilled. I should receive 1/2 dozen beautiful postcards in my mailbox soon, all on the theme of 'by the sea'. There were lots of nice Vintage entries, so I look forward to this! As winner I get to choose the NEXT Art Lottery for July and pick a random winner at the end of the month. I have choosen bookmarks and a favorite quote - why don't you join us?

I used a reprint (reduced) of a cover image from LOOK magazine, circa 1964 I think? I used Diva Rubber Stamps (no longer in biz) and other various stamps - with StazOn inks. Then I used watercolor crayons & twinkling H2Os. yum! Steven said, "that looks familar somehow" (the kissing) when I showed it to him, fresh man! Smiles to you, from Lenna.

FBRR - Fabric Book RR

Here is the page I did last week for Dawn Seller's 'Travelers' themed Fabric Book. This was for our Round Robin hosted by Dawn, and was sent off on Saturday morning to Sara D. in TN : )) All of the fabric books are moving around the circle of RR participants, and you can see more pages from the exchange, and the cover of Dawn's book by going to the FBRR Blog. What fun! I love being challenged by someone else's theme. This page is based on a true story of my cat Zanzibar, who traveled across country with my ex-husband and I - in 1979.

I love the way Dawn designed her book with 3 rings for us to tie our pages in to her cover. I find I still use rubberstamps quite a lot in my work. Do you??