Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Journal Quilt #23

Journal Quilt 06.19.07, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

wow. Journal quilt #23! And . . . 75 posts since January 2007!
I am so happy to have this deal with myself to try to create one of these JQs once a week. I have been too busy putting in extra hours at work lately when the assistant manager was off getting married! I have not done as much art as I usually do . . . just not enough time. It was a great feeling to make this Journal Quilt today! Here's what I wrote for the back of this little 6" x 6" JQ --

June 19th, 2007 * Journal Quilt Number 23 *

*Follow your Heart*

It was Tuesday . . . after work, and walking with the dogs, plus an appointment. My thoughts were, “Yikes! What am I going to do for my Journal quilt this week? It’s Tuesday already . . . .”

I made myself go into my studio - I am lucky and have one - and clean off the table that had not been worked on or visited for a whole week (too much work). I slid things over to one side, and put down clean scrap paper on the table (always a good sign). I spied the large scrap of painted silk hanging over the closet door that I had used as a test when I was writing an on-line lesson for silk painting & stamping . . . . AH HA!

I cut out a section of this scrap piece of silk and added another stamped piece I liked to it with fusible webbing. I played with small cut scraps of the painted silk and “wove” them together in one corner. The whole piece had me thinking of my husband Steven, so I found a transfer I had done to fabric many months ago -a photo of Steven and our friend Garth’s dogs. The transfer was just perfect for this journal quilt! I added additional stamps by my friend Claudia Rose – follow your heart & the little heart.

I love the colors in this painted silk – achieved by sponging on Dye-Na-Flow paint by Jacquard. The stamping inks are VersaCraft, heat set to be permanent. The sentiment of this piece is from MY heart. I was very smart; 5 weeks after my ex-husband left me, to really listen to my heart about Steven Deming.

Below is a photo montage of my process; sponging Dye-Na-Flow on the silk, dripping watered down light green Citrine Lumiere paint on top of this, and the finished section I cut my Journal square from . . . then adding extra stamped pieces, weaving small strips of leftover cut edges, a bit more stamping, beading, printing the journal entry on fabric and putting it together! voila! : -D


  1. Oh Lenna, it's SO SWEET!!! And I love the explanatory pictures. Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Lenna! I don't even know where to start with commenting since I've been MIA for soooo long (at least it feels that way:>). I love the gentle colors of the background. They remind me of Monet's Water Lilies. I really, really like your quilt from last week. The architectural stamps on top of the swirly tie-dyed looking backround (it has such an indian feeling) makes a wonderful contrast. Such beautiful stuff in each post!

    I'm finally out of school!!!! I am heading to Michael de Meng's workshop outside of Boston this weekend to take a shoe shrine workshop, and then home for a summer of lotsa art. Let's get together soon!

  3. Hello from CT!

    It's obvious how much time and care go into all of these beautiful journal quilt pieces (and everyting you do!) Makes me wish I could sew...

    I love the stories you tell about your creative process and the montage is GREAT! Thanks for sharing!!

    - vicki xo

    PS Look forward to meeting you someday soon! Any new swaps?

  4. thank you, Vickie!
    I will have some new swaps due in late Jnuary - i just have not announced them yet! There are a few openings in my current swaps - due in 3-5 weeks. See http://creativeswaps.blogspot.com/
    : )lenna



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