Tuesday, June 26, 2007

7 random things . . .

I saw a post with the same title (7 random things) when visiting my friend Pilar's Blog and found it so interesting to read - I learned a lot more about her! I was inspired to see what 7 random things I could think up about myself to share, and so here is my list below. Note: * If YOU want to be tagged, then you're it! *

1. I had heart surgery when I was 6 years old and was hospitalized for 6 weeks. My mother recently shared with me that my grandfather (her father) often came to visit me and he said to my mother, “Lenna is so bored that she has taken to putting a crayon between her toes and drawing pictures that way!” I had Patent Ductus Arteriosus, a heart valve problem.

2. I met my husband when I was 15 years old, but did not marry him until I was 48! A long courtship? No . . . our first marriages ended when both our spouses left us. We were good friends through the years (Steven watched my children grow up) but I never thought of him romantically until after John left. Steven, on the other hand, freely admits (now) that he has always had a crush on me!

3. I just got fitted for contacts last week and I am still learning how to put them in. I think with practice it will become easier. It is so refreshing not to have to wear glasses all the time!

4. William Glackens, my great uncle, was a famous American Impressionist at the turn of the Century. You can search for him on Google and find lots of links, or go to my website. He married the sister of my grandfather noted above. It has been my great pleasure to have been named after his daughter, Lenna Glackens, despite confusion on how to pronounce my name and many misspellings! For pronunciation, think: Lenna, like henna : ^)

5. My parents kicked me out of the house when I was 17 years old after I told them I did not go camping; instead, I had spent the night at my boyfriend’s house! My mom packed up most of my belongings and put them out on the porch. I moved in with my boyfriend (in another town) and drove to High School every day (about 20 minutes) until I graduated a few months later. I now think that my parents were very smart to do this.

6. After clearing my throat pretty much constantly for over a year, I saw an allergist and found out I am allergic to dust mites and pollen! I decided to go with allergy shots and my symptoms are so much better now, phew. Thank you, Steven, for putting your foot down!

7. My grandmother on my father’s side was called Nonie, by me. I am the oldest grandchild. Nonie passed away in perhaps 1999, but I am still fondly called “Lenna-pie” (her pet name for me) by many of my family and friends. This makes me happy and keeps her spirit near me.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Lady's Garden 1

A Fabric page for a swap on the Fabric in Altered Arts Yahoo Group with a "Dots" theme (mine are subtle, but they are there!). This is a new Alpha Stamps fabric image fabric 1/2 sheet = My Lady's Garden -- I just love it. The shell charms, ribbon and little "bubbles" (dots!) at her feet are from Alpha Stamps as well . . . .

MyLady1, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My boys (and their women)

I don't usually do a purely personal post . . . but, forgive me. I am thinking of my boys tonight who are grown and now amazingly on their own. My youngest son, Dallas Chandler Foster, is 22 years old (soon to be 23) and my first born son, Decklin Tisdale Foster, is 25 years old (soon to be 26). Here is a photo of Dallas with Liz as they got ready to go to a formal this spring 2007, at Smith college:

And here's Decklin with Christine (in 2007): Both of my boys are out there making their own way and I am so proud of them. Dallas will be moving out of Northampton MA soon; he's been there since he graduated Hampshire College last year. Dallas and Liz will go to Maryland (where her parents are) until they figure out their next step -- Graduate School? (Liz just graduated from Smith this May). In the meantime, Dallas has his own record label he's managing: Leisure Class records -he started this when he was in college. Decklin has been in Somerville, MA since last fall, working at Harvard University in the Nueroscience Lab. I am so happy he has found a good niche for himself as well as finding Christine! Now, I don't think they will see this as they don't follow their mom's art THAT closely, but they already know how proud I am of them!!! xo mom

More mail Art: Lenna 4 Jo!

_Lenna4.Jo, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Fabric postcard I made for a 1 for 1 swap on the Fabric in Altered Art group. My partner Jo likes bright colors, retro and Vintage, so I used an image from the new ARTChix Studio sheet Dapper Fellows, and a transparency from Elegant Insects (butterfly). The image in the bottom corner with the ARTchix Studio logo is from a free sheet I received with my order!! : ^ ) The image on the left is from an old magazine . . . and her hat is from ARTchix too.

If the backround of this postcard looks familiar, I started it when creating my June 5th Journal Quilt. I cut it down to size and added more bright green for Jo by sponging Dye-Na-Flow on - that was fun! The address side is below. It's going in the mail on Monday, Jo! The Postage stamp is created from my April 1st journal quilt - I did this at zazzle.com !

Mail Art for Dawn - D'Blogala

I sent a few Grant of Rights forms to Dawn Sokol the other day, for fabric journal pages of mine I subbmitted and she may use in the new book she is authoring, 1,000 Artist Journal Pages. How exciting! I could not help but choose to snail mail Dawn these forms so I could do a little mail art for her . . . . . : )) click on the picture for a closer look. The stamping is done with VersaCraft and Brilliance Inks which can be heat set. I added Lyra watercolor crayons and a wash of water over the stamping, plus a bit of Twinkling H2Os. mmmm! The Postage stamps are ones I made at Zazzle.com from scans of my own Journal Quilts - pretty cool!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Journal Quilt #23

Journal Quilt 06.19.07, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

wow. Journal quilt #23! And . . . 75 posts since January 2007!
I am so happy to have this deal with myself to try to create one of these JQs once a week. I have been too busy putting in extra hours at work lately when the assistant manager was off getting married! I have not done as much art as I usually do . . . just not enough time. It was a great feeling to make this Journal Quilt today! Here's what I wrote for the back of this little 6" x 6" JQ --

June 19th, 2007 * Journal Quilt Number 23 *

*Follow your Heart*

It was Tuesday . . . after work, and walking with the dogs, plus an appointment. My thoughts were, “Yikes! What am I going to do for my Journal quilt this week? It’s Tuesday already . . . .”

I made myself go into my studio - I am lucky and have one - and clean off the table that had not been worked on or visited for a whole week (too much work). I slid things over to one side, and put down clean scrap paper on the table (always a good sign). I spied the large scrap of painted silk hanging over the closet door that I had used as a test when I was writing an on-line lesson for silk painting & stamping . . . . AH HA!

I cut out a section of this scrap piece of silk and added another stamped piece I liked to it with fusible webbing. I played with small cut scraps of the painted silk and “wove” them together in one corner. The whole piece had me thinking of my husband Steven, so I found a transfer I had done to fabric many months ago -a photo of Steven and our friend Garth’s dogs. The transfer was just perfect for this journal quilt! I added additional stamps by my friend Claudia Rose – follow your heart & the little heart.

I love the colors in this painted silk – achieved by sponging on Dye-Na-Flow paint by Jacquard. The stamping inks are VersaCraft, heat set to be permanent. The sentiment of this piece is from MY heart. I was very smart; 5 weeks after my ex-husband left me, to really listen to my heart about Steven Deming.

Below is a photo montage of my process; sponging Dye-Na-Flow on the silk, dripping watered down light green Citrine Lumiere paint on top of this, and the finished section I cut my Journal square from . . . then adding extra stamped pieces, weaving small strips of leftover cut edges, a bit more stamping, beading, printing the journal entry on fabric and putting it together! voila! : -D

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Journal Quilt #22

Journal Quilt for june12, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

* * * JQ #22! * * * The back of this journal quilt reads as follows:

June 12, 2007 * Journal Quilt Number 22 *


This little journal quilt was born from experimentation! I’m not sure it’s my favorite, but it’s a good exercise at least. Even though I could have easily gotten inspiration and worked from my life experience this week with our 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday, I decided that trying different techniques has been good for me and I continued in this vein.

This week I started working on my journal quilt by using rubber stamps from Alpha Stamps that I had been wanting to use but just had not had a chance to play with yet. These stamps are from the Alchemy/Fortune page and are fairly detailed, but also deeply etched. I used 2 of the small tarot cards and the Tuscan column from that page for the front of my JQ. First I experimented by stamping on plain muslin as a test with these stamps and VersaCraft inks (good for detailed stamps). Then I looked for a more unusual fabric to stamp on for more contrast in my design. I remembered the white on white flower/swirls printed fabric I bought recently at my local quilt shop, Sew Inspired and decided to try that fabric and see what would happen.

I tested my stamping & I really liked it on this fabric. I heat set my stamping with my heat gun so it would not run for the next step. I practiced adding color to the printed white on white fabric with a sponge & Dye-Na-Flow. I just poured a little dye-na-flow into a shallow container, dipped my sponge in and pounced/spread it onto the white fabric. It worked well, so I stamped my images on another square, heat set them, and began the coloring process again. Then I added some details with metallic & glitter pens, and sewed around the columns to accentuate them. I think the colours are a little wild and not that pretty – but it was fun to experiment with the white on white fabric and new stamps! Hope you enjoy, and try this yourself! lenna.

* * * Here are some photos of my process . . .

Monday, June 11, 2007

ARTchix Studio Lottos

Here are 2 of the recent entries I've made for the ARTchix Studio Yahoo Group Bi-Weekly Lottery. The long book mark style entry I created that you see to the right, was for the theme "With this ring". I've sent this to Patricia S. who also participated and won that lotto! The Triptych ATC shown below was for the "Hands" theme and was recently won by Grace D. on June 10th. The winner of the lotto chooses a new theme and gives about 2 weeks for all the yahoo group members to create something small on the theme, using an ARTchix Studio product. The group member then uploads a scan or a photo of their creation to the lotto folder on the group. When the time is up, all the names of the people who created something for the lottery are put into a hat and a new winner is chosen at random! Then everyone who participated sends what they created to the winner. A sweet deal, and a good excuse to create : ) For the book mark, I started with a fabric base. I sewed a paper ARTchix image from the Marry Me sheet and also chose a transparency print of Steven & my hands with our wedding rings to sew on the bookmark; click on the book mark for more detail. I added some batting & backed it with moon & star fabric. I've also used a transparency of our hands in a similar but different way -- for an image transfer on a journal quilt - go there to see. It's quite appropriate that I am posting this today, because on June 11th, 2005 - 2 years ago - Steven Deming & I got married : ))))).

For the Triptych ATC, I got out my Hand punch and had fun with both the negative space it left and the punch outs I could use. I started with a plain white piece of card stock and folded it in thirds. I picked out ARTchix images from two different sheets: Exotic Jewels and Radiant Queens that featured hands in the image. I used some of the punched-out hand shapes as windows to show the face of the woman on the next page . . . . I aged the white card stock with walnut ink and used a little sandpaper to rough the images up a bit more. You can click on any photo for a more detailed look.

Friday, June 8, 2007

secret garden fabric tags

These are the tags I created for a 'secret garden' fabric tag swap hosted by Dawn Sellers and sponsored by art-e-zine UK! We were to create (10) 3" x 5" Fabric Tags with a hole, on a secret garden theme, send them to dawn. When they are all collected she will swap them and put them together by lacing through the hole, into little "Tag Books" for each of us before sending them back home. Fun! I used a shipping tag about the same size for my base (it's inside each one) and had fun creating different window for each tag. The image in the window is printed on paper and it's of a woman playing in a secret garden! Enjoy, and thanks, Dawn! The Tags are on their way to you 6/8/07. (Click on any photo for more detail on how I created these!)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Journal Quilt #21

JQ-June5.2007, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

-- Journal Quilt number 21, so far this year! The back of this reads as follows:

June 05, 2007 * Journal Quilt Number 21 * *To begin*
This weeks’s fabric journal quilt is continuing to work with my recent idea of trying a new technique to get the quiltie started. In pondering what new thing I could do with fabric, I thought: Why not some kind of mono-print with paint onto fabric for a background?

I experimented and like the results. I poured dollops of Jacquard paint (Textile, Lumiere & Neopaque) onto a piece of double thick freezer paper, then folded the paper together once in the middle to mix the colors a bit. Then I unfolded it and pressed my 6” x 6” muslin square into the paint and peeled it back off. There was enough paint so I was able to print patterns onto not just one piece, but 2 muslin squares. Then there was a little leftover paint so I tried printing onto a smaller square of patterned fabric just to see what it looked like, and let the pieces dry.

I like the swirling & mixing of the paint and I’m happy with my experiment! I used one of the muslin pieces as the base of my journal quilt and glued a transparency of 3 butterflies (Alpha Stamps) onto the bottom right corner with Tacky glue - it dries clear. Next I stamped one of the 9 muses – Clio - from Alpha Stamps. I used black VersaCraft ink and pressed firmly on top of the dried printed paint background. I used my heat gun to dry & Heat Set the ink. Some of the stamped image went on top of the Transparency I used earlier, but because I heat set the VersaCraft ink, it did not smudge and it will be permanent. I added a piece of colorful mesh just for interest; it was on my table from a different project and just right I thought. Then I added a word stamp that I love from Zettiology: In creating, the only hard thing is to begin. The lime green rick-rack I glued on was the finishing touch! : ) lenna
Here's a little photo-montage on HOW I did this . . . click on the smaller photos for a closer view.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

wedding book for Eli

This is a simple Hero Arts Scrapbook that I thought would be perfect for adding photos, journaling a bit, adding mementos or really anything from Eli's wedding! I decorated it with images from the 'Marry Me' collage sheet available from ARTchix Studio, and gave it to my friend Eli at her Shower last Friday. You might recognize the vintage lace on the cover as I used it recently on a fabric page . . . this was a wonderful gift from my friend Angie Bhatia - thank you!! (waving) You can click on any of the photos for a close up view : ^) lenna


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