Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spring Fling postcard swap!

Here are Fabric Postcards I made for an Alpha Stamps swap using Alpha Stamps Fabric collage images from the Victorian image sheet: Court of Flora, and the Children's Illustration sheet called: Butterflies -May 2007. I used patterned tissue paper, lots of rubber stamps (some of the are from Alpha Stamps) and VersaCraft ink, which I heat set with my heat gun.

spring 5 postcard, originally uploaded by creativelenna

More details: I picked out some hand-dyed fabric in orangey-yellow, pinkish-orange and also purple-ish colors and cut them to size -- 2 pieces 4" x 6" for each postcard. First, I took my Tissue paper (greenish with pink flowers) ripped a section of it away from the main piece. I brushed a light coat of matte medium to the back of this gift tissue paper and applied it to the front of my fabric postcard. I did this to all of my postcards so that by the time I got back to the first one, the tissue paper was just about dry and I could continue to work.

Then I took the fabric image from the Butterflies sheet: or the Court of Flora sheet -Alpha Stamps, and cut the image out. I used a zig zag stitch to sew it onto the top of the fabric postcard, and sometimes just ½ of the image on top of the tissue paper. Next, I used rubber stamps with VersaCraft ink. Some of the stamps are from Alpha Stamps. I stamped some images on top of the tissue paper, some directly on the fabric. Then I heat set this ink with my heat gun. It is meant for stamping on fabric and fine for paper too, permanent when heat set, of course important for this project! I used Tacky glue to glue the lime green zig zag trim on (above -purple one) and then sewed a thin ribbon on some of the postcards.

On the other side (the address side) I used only rubber stamps with VersaCraft inks and heat set. I put a stabilizer in the middle – you could use batting, interfacing, Pellon, buckram, a thin piece of cardboard, leftover fabric . . . . whatever you like, and then stitched the 2 pieces together with my sewing machine. A self adhesive postage stamp works well.
(Thanks for asking, Karen!)

I hope you try this project too!


  1. Sure hope one of these cards will come my way, Lenna!!

  2. Absolutely fabulous Lenna! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. these are fabulous dear!!! and love all your new work and the class pics you are teaching are wonderful!!! I hope it's ok added your blog to mine!!! love your work and so happy we are in the fabric RR together will be thrilled to have a piece of your work in my book!!! Hugs Linda
    Happy Mother's day!!!

  4. Thank you, Frieda, Gunvor & Linda!
    Of course it's ok you added my blog to yours, Linda - what a great idea. I will add your link to my list here too, you do such wonderful, varied art!
    : ) lenna

  5. How in hell did I miss these, Lenna. I must have been out of town or something. These are most excellent!



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