Monday, May 14, 2007

Journal Quilt #18

Journal Quilt -May14, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Here is my weekly challenge! This one was simple and fun to do. Each one measures 6" x 6" and I try to make one a week; my goal is to do this for the entire year and put them all together at the end of the year. On the back of the quiltie is a journal entry about the piece:

May 14th, 2007 * Journal Quilt Number 18 *

Simple things like feeling sunshine on your face again mean a lot after a long cold winter in New England. When I was thinking about what my theme for this week’s journal quilt would be, I kept coming back to the feeling of the sunshine warming me, like it did when we were out
canoeing this weekend. So I reached for some warm yellow-gold fabric I had, and some bright shiny gold fabric, and added a dash of yellow & red dyed fabric to create this sunny warm journal quilt with.

I cut the dyed fabric in a half-circle, put the shiny gold fabric underneath so it stuck out a bit, and sewed it down to the bottom of the page with lines so this piece looked like the sun. Then I took a transparency image from the Alpha Stamps sheet Ophelia #1 and sewed it on top of the golden fabric. I added stamping to the transparency with StazOn inks – It’s the little things. I sewed gold star sequins to the journal quilt, attaching them with beads. Then I also glued two fabric images from the Alpha Stamps ‘Butterflies’ fabric sheet
to the journal page, and I remembered to stamp the date!

That’s about it for this week’s mini quilt. These are small fabric works, but by now I already have quite a collection. They are fun to look through & show people and I enjoy talking about them and discussing how we will display them at the years' end. My son Decklin’s girlfriend Christine had a great idea for attaching them to another piece of fabric at the top so you could still flip them over & read the entry – I love it!


  1. Beautiful,beautiful! Will visit again!

  2. Hi Lenna! I am laughing right now, because I have had those warm golden colors and butterflies on my mind! I opened your page and your quilt looked just right... an mage of something I have been thinking and feeling. It's lovely:> In fact, I just finished a painting that has a butterfly in the foreground, and now I'm thinking of doing a series that features butterfly motifs. I see you have a whole bunch of other work posted as well... I love the spring postcards and the grungy wallets. Wonderful! I hope you're really enjoying this weather... I find it hard to go to work or stay inside when it's so nice out! See you soon:>



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