Tuesday, May 22, 2007

2nd Flatbread Demo piece - finished!

I finished the collage I started at the demo yesterday and wanted to share it here with you. I brought both pieces that I created into Flatbread tonight & gave them to co-owner Brian Bienvenue ~ he was thrilled with them and I am very happy for this oppportunity.

FlatbreadDemos,000, originally uploaded by creativelenna.


  1. Lenna, these colors are wonderful!Will you be making a larger piece for the company?

  2. I wrote Pilar personally, but thought I would share what I wrote to her, here, for anyone reading! . . . "This piece was the larger of the 2 canvas collages I did for Flatbread; it was 16 x 20. The first one was more like 9 x 12 – I think of it as my warm up! This was really a great experience altogether. Brian (the owner) paid me to hang the show for a month and do 2 demos. He expected one piece donated but I ended up doing two, because I knew he would love a larger piece to auction off for charity. To top it off he bought 4 of the scarves and 2 other employees bought 2 other pieces in the show – wow! He wants me to hang the scarves permanently on a curtain rod in about the same position they are now. It really feels like karma or something that I went to work there for a time, connected with the people there, and ended up doing the art show."



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