Tuesday, May 29, 2007

JournalQuilt #20

may29 JournalQuilt #20, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

My weekly Journal Quilt.... here I was I wrote, printed onto fabric and used for the back of the JQ:

May 29th, 2007 * Journal Quilt Number 20 *
*To be elated*

Another week has come & gone since I did my last Journal entry, it’s hard to believe! This weeks’s fabric journal started earlier last week with the idea of wanting to try a new technique and then use the technique for my inspiration. Typically I have been feeding off what is happening around me for inspiration. At the same time I was also working on 2 fabric pages for a new yahoo group I joined, Fabric in Altered Art (see www.alteredfabrications.blogspot.com for more info on joining this yahoo group). One of these fabric pages had a Vintage theme. I had a beautiful postcard from 1907 that I had been saving, but never used. I thought I could COPY this postcard directly onto fabric to create my Vintage page for the group. Then, when copying the postcard I thought, why not send it through again and make another piece? On the spur of the moment I decided to send my prepared fabric through the printer a number of times; copying the handwritten side of the postcard over or near the beautiful picture side I had previously copied. I created my own little fabric collage sheet; what fun!

I used one side for my 6” x 6” Vintage page for the group, and used the other for my journal page. On both I added a paper image from the “That’s Amore” sheet you can find at ARTchix Studio. The romantic nature of the postcard image brought my thoughts to my wedding and marriage to Steven Deming, 2 years ago this June 11th. For my Journal Quilt I found a leftover program and added some of the words from our ceremony to the JQ. I aged it with walnut ink and when it was dry, glued it to the fabric. Again, when it was dry I gave it a light coat of matte medium to protect the paper.

The fabric surrounding the handmade fabric collage sheet is leftover fabric from my wedding dress, which I sewed & stamped myself! So, I started with a new technique, but obviously still get inspiration from my life : ) lenna

Here is what my own fabric collage sheet looked like before I cut it up to create my Journal Quilt and the Vintage fabric page. Also the back of the JQ. You can see I like rough edges!

Monday, May 28, 2007

6 x 6 Fish Fabric Page

I recently joined a new yahoo group called 'Fabric in Altered Art' and quickly joined in on a monthly 6" x 6" fabric page swap that you could sign up for just one month at a time if you like. I created the fabric page shown here to the right for the May 'Fish' theme. The month of May had two themes you could work on - you'll see the second one I did below. For more info on joining this yahoo group go to: www.alteredfabrications.blogspot.com/ It's by invitation and you'll need to request to join.

This page was done with rubber stamps, mostly Fred Mullet gyotaku (fish print) stamps. I used my favorite inks for fabric; VersaCraft inks, and I sponged Dye-na-Flow paint on around the fish in blue & green. I sewed sequins & beads on. Then I glued on a few Bingo chips & small shells & I was almost done! I just had to add a little soft & natural batting and back the square with another piece of fabric. Voila! I will send this in to Cathy and she will swap me a different page back! If you click on the photo you will see a larger, more detailed one.

6x6 Vintage Fabric Page

LennaVintage6x6 (2), originally uploaded by creativelenna.

I recently joined a new yahoo group called 'Fabric in Altered Art' and then joined in on a monthly 6" x 6" fabric page swap. I created the fabric page shown here for the May 'Vintage' theme; one of two themes you could participate in. Please see: www.alteredfabrications.blogspot.com/ for more info on joining this yahoo group -it is by invitation, and you need to request to join. For this fabric page, I used my copy machine to copy both the front and the back of a 1907 postcard onto muslin fabric. I ironed muslin onto Freezer Paper to stiffen it for going through my printer. I am happy with how this turned out! I used a couple of rubber stamps with VersaCraft ink (which can be heat set), Vintage Lace, a vintage button, and a vintage hankie for the back of the piece (see photo below). The long skinny image of the couple on the bottom left is from the "That's Amore" sheet by ARTchix Studio.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

2nd Flatbread Demo piece - finished!

I finished the collage I started at the demo yesterday and wanted to share it here with you. I brought both pieces that I created into Flatbread tonight & gave them to co-owner Brian Bienvenue ~ he was thrilled with them and I am very happy for this oppportunity.

FlatbreadDemos,000, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Journal Quilt #19

5.22.07 Journal Quilt, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

My weekly Journal Quilt! Here is what I have written, printed out onto fabric & attached to the back . . . . . .

May 22nd, 2007 * Journal Quilt Number 19 *
*Enjoy Life’s Moments*

It is so lush and green here in Connecticut right now. This is the peak of the re-growth of things and also where the inspiration for this week’s journal quilt comes from. We’ve noticed this lushness grow week by week, especially when we walk on the trails at Huckleberry Hill. I have been watching it change bit by bit over the past month or so and now it is to the point where it is just bursting with aliveness. It feels rather magical. (see photo below - click on it for a larger photo)

For my quiltie I choose a piece of batik fabric full of leaves. I simply love working with batiks these days. It’s a wonderful thing that Sew Inspired Quilt shop is nearby and carries a lot of them! The first thing I did was use an open ‘Fern’ stamp by Stamp Zia and over-stamped the printed fabric with a light green ink; you can barely see it but it adds texture. Then I added a square of batting to the back and sewed “shoots of grass’ by using my sewing machine to shape them. Next I took a dark green oil pastel stick and tried filling the shoots in, later adding a bit of gold and metallic pens to give them more depth & interest. I chose a small enchanted picture of a woman walking in the woods from the Mini Chix sheet by ARTchix Studio and glued it in the lower corner with Tacky Glue; it was just the right size. Then I stamped a skeleton leaf from the Moon Rose in the upper corner with dark green VersaCraft ink and found a saying I liked from Hero Arts; stamped that with Black VersaCraft ink and then heat set the whole thing with a hot iron.

Creating these every week is sometimes a push for me but I always feel better when I do. I look forward to seeing the collection grow and the challenge and joy of putting them together at the end of the year!

To read about ALL the Journal quilts I have made so far this year, click here

Demo at Flatbread - 2nd Canvas Collage

5-21-07: This is the canvas collage/mixed-media piece I did for the Monday evening demo at the Flatbread restaurant in Canton CT; part of my Art show there during the month of May. In this canvas I am using both ARTchix studio and Alpha Stamps images. This canvas is pretty wild because of the rubbing alchohol that I dropped on top of my very wet paint when creating a background. I started this piece at home, creating the painted background for it, because it was a larger canvas (16" x 20") and I wanted to get a good start. The demo was from just 7-9pm. I got a lot done that evening, but I still need to work on it a bit before giving to Brian Bienvenue, co-owner of Flatbread in Canton. He will auction one or both pieces I created during my demos and donate the money to charity. This has been a great experience, having my art show at Flatbread! If you would like to see a slideshow of the artshow, close-ups of the pieces in it, and photos from both demos, click here. The newer demo photos are at the end!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

1st Flatbread Collage completed

This is the finished collage from my Friday night Demo at the Flatbread Company Restaurant in Canton, CT on May 18, 2007. You can see the beginnings of this collage in the photo below, just above my left hand. This piece will be donated to Flatbread and later auctioned off for charity. I return to Flatbread on Monday May 21st to demo and create another piece! My art show there will run through June 2nd. You can click on the photo for greater detail. Oh! I almost forgot to mention that the gold disks in this collage are cardboard 'pop-outs' from the cover of the Flatbread pizza boxes, painted with gold Lumiere!!! I saved them from when I worked there, folding the boxes up for take-out. I just knew I could use them artistically in some way -- someday!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Demo at Flatbread Company - 5.18.07

DemoFlatbread009, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

I did a demo (a collage on canvas) right in front of my art that's on display at the Flatbread Company in Canton CT last night! As people came in for dinner, a few came over to watch me work and ask questions. Steven accompanied me and we had a lot of fun -- some of our collaborative work is in the art show there (smile). The collage that I did last night, and the collage I will create on Monday night when I demo again, will be donated to Flatbread. The co-owner, Brian Bienvenue, will auction these pieces off for charity. He sponsors a benefit night for non-profit organizations every Tuesday night, with a portion of his flatbread sales going toward the non-profit featured that night. If you are interested in seeing more photos from the demos, just click on the picture above and it will bring you to my flickr photo sharing account.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Journal Quilt #18

Journal Quilt -May14, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Here is my weekly challenge! This one was simple and fun to do. Each one measures 6" x 6" and I try to make one a week; my goal is to do this for the entire year and put them all together at the end of the year. On the back of the quiltie is a journal entry about the piece:

May 14th, 2007 * Journal Quilt Number 18 *

Simple things like feeling sunshine on your face again mean a lot after a long cold winter in New England. When I was thinking about what my theme for this week’s journal quilt would be, I kept coming back to the feeling of the sunshine warming me, like it did when we were out
canoeing this weekend. So I reached for some warm yellow-gold fabric I had, and some bright shiny gold fabric, and added a dash of yellow & red dyed fabric to create this sunny warm journal quilt with.

I cut the dyed fabric in a half-circle, put the shiny gold fabric underneath so it stuck out a bit, and sewed it down to the bottom of the page with lines so this piece looked like the sun. Then I took a transparency image from the Alpha Stamps sheet Ophelia #1 and sewed it on top of the golden fabric. I added stamping to the transparency with StazOn inks – It’s the little things. I sewed gold star sequins to the journal quilt, attaching them with beads. Then I also glued two fabric images from the Alpha Stamps ‘Butterflies’ fabric sheet
to the journal page, and I remembered to stamp the date!

That’s about it for this week’s mini quilt. These are small fabric works, but by now I already have quite a collection. They are fun to look through & show people and I enjoy talking about them and discussing how we will display them at the years' end. My son Decklin’s girlfriend Christine had a great idea for attaching them to another piece of fabric at the top so you could still flip them over & read the entry – I love it!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Grungy Wallet Swap!

These are the Grungy Wallets I made for a swap hosted by Evie Zaccardelli through the art-e-zine café (a yahoo group). Gillian Allen, the owner of the wonderful art-e-zine "play with art" website, came up with a new technique she called "Plastic Fantastic" combining fabric, collage bits, paper and gel medium and posted it to the yahoo group. We were challenged to use this technique to create our swap pieces - our wallets - complete with an inside clear plastic liner to hold stuff. This was an interesting challenge that I enjoyed doing. The wallets are being sent off to Evie in the UK tomorrow so she can swap them out! (Note: On 5/17/07 - Evie has received them in Scotland, already. A new record, we think!)

Below: Wallets folded (front). The image of the girl artist & gold trim is from ARTchix Studio
GrungyWallet Swap-May07001
The word stamps: 'Passion Counts' and 'It's the little things' are from Claudia Rose. The ART stamp (right) is from Alpha Stamps.

Wallets folded (back)
GrungyWallet Swap-May07002
Wallets flat & stretched out (the front)
Wallets flat & stretched out (the inside - plastic pocket)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spring Fling postcard swap!

Here are Fabric Postcards I made for an Alpha Stamps swap using Alpha Stamps Fabric collage images from the Victorian image sheet: Court of Flora, and the Children's Illustration sheet called: Butterflies -May 2007. I used patterned tissue paper, lots of rubber stamps (some of the are from Alpha Stamps) and VersaCraft ink, which I heat set with my heat gun.

spring 5 postcard, originally uploaded by creativelenna

More details: I picked out some hand-dyed fabric in orangey-yellow, pinkish-orange and also purple-ish colors and cut them to size -- 2 pieces 4" x 6" for each postcard. First, I took my Tissue paper (greenish with pink flowers) ripped a section of it away from the main piece. I brushed a light coat of matte medium to the back of this gift tissue paper and applied it to the front of my fabric postcard. I did this to all of my postcards so that by the time I got back to the first one, the tissue paper was just about dry and I could continue to work.

Then I took the fabric image from the Butterflies sheet: or the Court of Flora sheet -Alpha Stamps, and cut the image out. I used a zig zag stitch to sew it onto the top of the fabric postcard, and sometimes just ½ of the image on top of the tissue paper. Next, I used rubber stamps with VersaCraft ink. Some of the stamps are from Alpha Stamps. I stamped some images on top of the tissue paper, some directly on the fabric. Then I heat set this ink with my heat gun. It is meant for stamping on fabric and fine for paper too, permanent when heat set, of course important for this project! I used Tacky glue to glue the lime green zig zag trim on (above -purple one) and then sewed a thin ribbon on some of the postcards.

On the other side (the address side) I used only rubber stamps with VersaCraft inks and heat set. I put a stabilizer in the middle – you could use batting, interfacing, Pellon, buckram, a thin piece of cardboard, leftover fabric . . . . whatever you like, and then stitched the 2 pieces together with my sewing machine. A self adhesive postage stamp works well.
(Thanks for asking, Karen!)

I hope you try this project too!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

JournalQuilt #17

May08.JournalQuilt, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Wow! Another Journal Quilt, a bit late, but . . . better late than never! And who is really counting except - ME!! I missed last week but there has been a lot going on and I had to let something go. That is ok! This is #17 since January 7th!! On the back of this little 6" x 6" 'quiltie' is my Journal entry which is printed onto a piece of fabric with my Ink jet printer to create the back of the piece. Here's what this week's piece said:

May 8th, 2007 * Journal Quilt Number 17 *

SPRING is the theme of this week’s journal quilt. It has taken a long time for spring to come and stay in Connecticut this year. You’ll still find me on some mornings putting on my down jacket when I go out to walk the dogs because it’s only 40 degrees out! But, the days have been getting warmer and sunny every day. It gives one a lot of hope when it’s like that outside.

I’d say this past winter was not the easiest one for us, with Steven being out of work for a time. It did bring changes to our lives, like me returning to work besides my art, my classes and our home. This was actually good overall for both of us. It mixed things up; I took on new responsibilities, met new people, made new connections, and money! Without the job I took in February at Flatbread, I doubt my Art Show that’s there right now would be happening. And even though I have changed jobs since then, it has been a learning & growing experience all around. I have had to learn to squeeze in my art, in-between work – and this has made me produce more!

This Journal Quilt is about SPRING, re-birth and re-growth. I have used ARTchix Studio images and Artbits for this quiltie. The woman is a paper image from the
‘Winged Nudies’ sheet and is covered by a Scarlet Tangier from the ‘In the Garden’ Transparency Sheet. I have also added an extra fern “wing” from the Transparent Wings sheet. Above her head are copper Heishi and in the corner is a word tag that says ‘inspire’. In the background is nature printing I did of a fern leaf onto plain muslin, with rubber stamping for the quote and small ferns in the foreground and a bit of red lace paper from Alpha Stamps
above her head to bring out the red bird.
: ) lenna

More Quilties - July 28 class

QuiltieBook-frontCover4, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

I have been working hard (in-between going to work!) on this quiltie book. It is a small 5" x 5" sample for my July 28th class at Sew Inspired Quilt Shop in Simsbury, CT. I will post a few more photos below, but you can see all the pages in a slideshow if you click here and visit my flickr photo site.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fabric Book Round Robin (FBRR)

This is the front and back of the page I did for Robyn Bogart's fabric book with a Goddess theme, in the FBRR hosted by Dawn Sellers. To see my pages IN Robyn's book, along with her work, please visit my post about it on the FBRR blog. There you can read about how I created this page! The images on both sides of the page are transparencies from Alpha Stamps. Click on the photos here for a larger, more detailed photo.

Quilties: July 28 class at Sew Inspired

page 2a, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

* * * There is no Journal Quilt from me this week. * * *

I should have uploaded a journal quilt on Monday, April 30th! This is the very first time I've missed a week since I started my challenge in January. There was my art show at Flatbread to put up and lots of other things capturing my attention. I was a little sad but decided just to let it go! There are 52 weeks in the year and I am sure I will have lots of quilties to put together into a larger piece when the year comes to an end. Instead, I will share with you a few of the little 5" x 5" quilties I have made so far as sample pages for my Quilties class at Sew Inspired in Simsbury CT on July 28th from 10-4pm. There is a sample at the store now to show what the Quiltie book will look like, but I am working on pages that will show exactly what we will do in this class. It should be a lot of fun! I have my first class there later this month on May 20th from 1-4pm - Fabric ATCs . . . I can't wait! Below are some more 5x5 Quiltie pages from the class sample book I am working on. They all use images from Alpha Stamps; either paper OR Fabric - click on the images below for a closer look: