Thursday, April 5, 2007

Collage continues . . .

I have added more to the collage on canvas I started a few weeks ago . . . Yesterday I focused on adding strips of ripped paper on top of the other papers, stamping and the image transfer of leaves, snow & ferns I had done previously (you can see how I started this collage in an earlier post). I have challenged myself to create this piece for another West Hartford Art League Juried Art Show. This show is not a member's show like the one in February that Steven and I had a collage and a collaborative painting in, but an 'Open Show'. I imagine it will be a little harder to get in, but I am still going to try. I like the challenge and I like having a goal to work on, whatever the outcome. It makes me create! I am thinking of calling this piece "enchanted grotto" after a comment Carla Kurt made here on my blog when I was just starting the piece. (thank you!) She will see this collage in person tomorrow and perhaps have more feedback for me. I don't think I am quite done with it yet . . . almost. There is still a week to go before entries are accepted and in the meantime I will finish it up. Steven says he will help me with a proper frame! : ) lenna

1 comment:

  1. This is really quite luscious with the various shades of green and texture!



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