Sunday, April 29, 2007

Flatbread ART Show

Today Steven & I went to the Flatbread Company in Canton, CT and hung my art show! This was very exciting for me as I have never had this experience before. We managed to get a lot of pieces up and show a wide range of the art I do: painting, fabric art, collage, hand made books, altered books, fabric painting/stamping and even jewelry. I insisted on having 2 pieces in the show that Steven & I did together collaboratively, even though he thought I should concentrate on art that just I had done myself. Well, he finally agreed and it worked out great. I think the show looks fab, and I could not have done this without him!!

On May 18th and May 21st from 7-9pm I will demonstrate some of my techniques live, at Flatbread and create a piece that Flatbread will auction off; donating any funds raised to charity. I am very glad to be involved! Thanks for reading! (click on the pictures for a larger photo)

Note 5/2/07: My art show has been very well received at Flatbread! I have sold a small painting & 4 scarves already. My friend Gunvor from Sweden wrote and said she wished she could see it 'in real life', which gave me an idea! I found close up scans or photos of almost all the art that is in the show, and added it to my 'Flatbread Art' album on my flickr photo account. If you would like to take a close-up tour as well, click here. You can even watch it as a slide show-enjoy!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Journal Quilt #16

4.23.07.Journal Quilt, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

(printed on fabric on the back is the entry below)

April 23rd, 2007 * Journal Quilt Number 16 *

CHANGES . . . That is the theme of this week’s journal quilt. I started with a paper image from the Tallulah’s Drama Queens Sheet I found at Alpha Stamps. I like how when I used both images together, the woman looked like she was turning one way and then another, changing direction. I laid the paper images onto a piece of favorite marbled paper and ripped the edges of the marbled paper first before sewing them together. I used a zig zag stitch down the middle. Next, I sewed the 2 pieces of paper to my fabric square with a straight stitch, like a frame around the edges. On the bottom I added a transparency of new green shoots. I had taken the photo earlier this week while walking and printed it out onto a plain transparency. I added stamping of words and branches with leaves to complete it. This journal entry is printed onto fabric, which makes the back of the journal quilt.

The weather has been full of changes, from cold winter weather in April, to rain & flooding, to 80 degrees and sunshine! I am also changing jobs – I love Flatbread, but my new job at Stonewall Kitchen is a much better “fit” for me.
Another change is that I am hosting 2 new art swaps . . . . please check out the new Blog I created just for these swaps! Change is inevitable, change is sometimes hard, change is good.

“Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.”
-- Arnold Bennett

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Passion Cards

Passion Cards, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

These are collaged over-sized Playing Cards - copies of the ones I created for Bernie Berlin's Deck of Cards to benefit A Place to Bark. I created these cards & the duplicates for Steven & I about a year ago . . . I finally framed them so we could hang them on the wall in our new home & enjoy them! Photos on the cards are of us on Wolfe Island, Thousand Islands, Canada. There is my beloved dog Coda next to Steven; Coda now lives on Wolfe Island with farmer John Posthumus . . . living a happier dog life on the farm, I am sure. I really do miss Coda's sweetness though, even 2 years later. The Create & Believe charms plus the gold fold over leaves are from Artchix Studio.

Journal Quilt #15

April18.JournalQuilt-photo, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Here is my latest in my weekly challenge to myself. I am striving for 1 small 6" x 6" Journal quilt per week. I started January 7th and this is my 15th one. I almost did not create one this week . . . but at the last minute I felt I really rather do something instead of nothing. It's been raining and flooding here in CT so I did a simple quiltie with a transparency of a photo of one of our neighbors houses near the lake. Those canoes on stands are usually out of the water and so is the Pine Tree! Our home is kind of embedded into the cliff away from the lake, so we are not getting flooded. Our neighborhood was even on the News last night as Secret Lake had flooded over the road at one point . . . . I got tired of printing onto fabric with my inkjet printer so I elected to hand write my journal entry on the back with a sharpie marker. I laid the transparency directly onto some batting as I liked the look of it. Click on the photos below for a more detailed picture (ooops! I got the date wrong - by one day! I actually wrote this on the 17th).

Sunday, April 15, 2007

*Art Shows*

enchantedGrotto-001, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

As promised, here is a photo of the mixed media collage I recently finished, all framed and ready to go to the West Hartford Art League for their Open Juried Show April 19th - May 13th. We dropped off 2 of my mixed media entries for consideration yesterday - you can view the second piece below. Many thanks to my husband Steven, who has experience with framing & helped me immeasurably with framing the 'enchanted grotto' piece, above. It was also Steven who encouraged me to enter juried Art Shows - I had never done this before 2006! So far, I have been lucky and gotten into the only two shows I entered pieces in. We'll see how I do here! I would love to be accepted into this show, but if not, I won't worry about it or be upset. It is a subjective thing depending on the juror. Also, The Flatbread Company in Canton, CT has asked me if I would have a showing of my work (10 pieces) in their restaurant. I am going to tell them yes! The last week of the show will culminate with my creating a mixed media piece in the restaurant over a week's time so patrons can watch the process if they like. When the piece is finished, Flatbread will auction it off and donate the funds to charity. Flatbread does a lot of non-profit events/donations in the community. More details to follow. : ) Lenna

(2nd piece entered in WHAL: Open Juried Show)

P.S. I found out today (4/17) that neither of my pieces made it into the Juried Open Show at the WHAL. Too bad! Oh well, perhaps this is meant to be so that I can hang them at my own show at the Flatbread Company in Canton, CT during the month of May!! I am so excited about that. Now I know I will have plenty of pieces to hang for the show. Since I am leaving working there for a different job, this will be a great way to keep in touch with them too. I do love that restaurant.

Friday, April 13, 2007

ferns & leaves

ferns & leaves, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Often when I walk with the dogs on the trails near our home I bring my camera and take a few photographs of things I see that I like; designs in nature. One of these photos became the base for a mixed media collage (as an image transfer) that I will enter into a juried show, tomorrow! When I took the photo you see in this post, I thought I might add it to the collage . . . but I ended up not doing that. As soon as we finish framing the collage I am calling "enchanted grotto" I will take a picture and upload it here. We've got the mat covered with fabric and the canvas attached. Tonight we will attach everything in place and add the wire (Thank you, steven!). In the meantime, enjoy the peacefulness of spring *slowly * returning to the Northeast through this photo.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Journal Quilt #14

April-9.07, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

-Printed on fabric with my inkjet printer & attached to the back of this 6" x 6" quiltie is the following journal entry:

April 9th, 2007 * Journal Quilt Number 14 *
Today, after dinner on Monday night I remembered I needed to do my journal quilt, tonight! Usually I keep this project in mind and think about what I might do the week before, but not this week! So, I went into my studio to see what I could come up with on the spur of the moment. I had worked a lot on a mixed media collage last week, and so I thought I’d use some elements of that piece on the journal quilt. Recently, when dropping samples off at
Sew Inspired Quilt Shop where I will teach two classes soon, I bought a small amount of interesting “computer” print fabric. I thought that would be fun to work with, since my art and the computer go hand in hand these days. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with the computer and so it’s appropriate that fabric serves as the background for this quiltie.

On the right hand side of the piece, top and bottom are elements from my collage I‘ve been working on
– some marbled paper and a piece of the image transfer I used. The black trim with the white stitching, the image of the woman (paper) the heart charm and the “sewn art” stamp on the green fabric are all from Alpha Stamps. The black half-circle across the piece is actually black millinery wire, also from Alpha Stamps. The rounds stamp is from CatsLife Press – all stamping done with VersaCraft Inks. The turquoise blue coloring on the fabric is dye-na-flow paint by Jacquard. I am glad I made myself create this.
: ) Lenna

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Meandering Books

maryZ.MeanderBook-009, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Here is a photo of a page I did yesterday for Mary Zimany's Meandering Book - this was a collaborative RR that Mary & I were both in, although in different groups. This exchange was hosted on the Fabric-olics Yahoo Group (a closed group, unless invited or you request to join). We were in different groups and not working in each other's books. I loved the cover Mary did for her book and told her I would be happy to do a page or two in her book if any pages were open when it returned home to her. There was - I did two! I have uploaded more photos of Mary's book, the cover she did that I love and photos of my meandering book that returned home in late February. I've added these to the art exchanges page of my website - click on the link if you'd like to see more (note: the page above uses a fabric collage image by ARTchix Studio that is no longer available in fabric).

Friday, April 6, 2007

enchanted grotto

The collage is finished! (click on the photo for a larger, more detailed picture) Steven and I will frame this -the frame is already ordered thanks to Steven! This collage will be entered into the Open Juried Show at the West Hartford Art League next week. Wish me Luck, that it gets accepted! If it doesn't get in, I will still have a lovely framed piece to hang in our home, so nothing is lost. My new art friend, Carla Kurt saw this collage today and she really liked it, so her reaction helps to give me confidence. She is the one who commented earlier in the metamorphosis saying it looked like it an enchanted grotto . . . and that is what I have decided to call it. I was able to see her latest painting in person as she brought it with her for me to see, and I was blown AWAY. Even though she states the size of it on her blog -- I was unprepared for how large this painting is and how full of feeling it is. Carla and I share an affinity for the same type of marbled paper (green & gold, orange & gold) and it is really interesting to see how we use this paper in different and similar ways.

I worked a lot on this piece today, adding to it and layering with papers quite a bit, wondering if I would know when to stop! This collage started with an image transfer of a photo of leaves, snow & ferns, directly onto a canvas board. I did the same transfer separately onto a piece of fabric, cut this up and used parts of it on this collage. I ripped LOTs of handmade & mulberry paper and applied it to the canvas with gel medium and I started and finished working on this piece by covering the canvas with Teal Dye-Na-Flow (paint) by Jacquard. There is a bit of rubber stamping in there and the spiral shapes come from a sheet of handmade paper, ripped out singly and applied with gel medium. There are gold skeleton leaves added with gel medium, and a few small rocks and pieces of shell added with E-6000 goop glue to give thepiece more texture. I also did nature printing using ferns and evergreens both on paper that was applied later and also directly on the canvas. Here is what this collage looked like 3 weeks ago when I first started:

And here are 2 close-ups of what it looks like now, left & right sides - click on the photos for more detail, and thank you for looking!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Collage continues . . .

I have added more to the collage on canvas I started a few weeks ago . . . Yesterday I focused on adding strips of ripped paper on top of the other papers, stamping and the image transfer of leaves, snow & ferns I had done previously (you can see how I started this collage in an earlier post). I have challenged myself to create this piece for another West Hartford Art League Juried Art Show. This show is not a member's show like the one in February that Steven and I had a collage and a collaborative painting in, but an 'Open Show'. I imagine it will be a little harder to get in, but I am still going to try. I like the challenge and I like having a goal to work on, whatever the outcome. It makes me create! I am thinking of calling this piece "enchanted grotto" after a comment Carla Kurt made here on my blog when I was just starting the piece. (thank you!) She will see this collage in person tomorrow and perhaps have more feedback for me. I don't think I am quite done with it yet . . . almost. There is still a week to go before entries are accepted and in the meantime I will finish it up. Steven says he will help me with a proper frame! : ) lenna

Monday, April 2, 2007

Page from a Travel Journal

page3, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Yesterday, I uploaded a bunch of journal pages (paper) I had done in 2004 to a flickr photo sharing group that one of my students, Barbara, was kind enough to set up in order to continue our class in a way . . . .

This particular journal page I am sharing here on my blog reminds me of the Journal Quilt I just finished & uploaded. I guess because I was PAINTING when creating both of them! I usually work more abstractly, and with more of an emphasis on mixed media, so I do enjoy seeing this. I hope you do too!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Journal Quilt #13

Here is what I wrote and attached to the back of this journal quilt:

April 1st, 2007: * Journal Quilt Number 13 *

I wanted to do something different this time so I started with a piece of canvas paper as the base of this week’s journal quilt. The Fredrix brand that comes in a pad is a real piece of artist’s canvas. It’s soft to the touch and feels almost like fabric. I started by sponging dye-na-flow paint by jacquard on the canvas (cut to 6 x6) very lightly. Then I choose a piece of silk I had colored previously for practice with dye-na-flow. When the paint on the canvas was dry, I used gel medium to attach the silk to the bottom left corner. When the gel medium was dry, I sponged a bit more dye-na-flow on top of the silk and the canvas. I added a little Lumiere as well, often working with my fingers to spread it on the canvas and silk. Next, I glued a small photo from one of our recent walks in the bottom right hand corner; this photo shows a fallen tree covered with moss, a bit of snow & dead leaves. Above that photo I painted little green shoots with olive green textile paint - this is what I am seeing on my walks now, hooray! I stamped the words ‘hope’ and ‘wish’ from Claudia Rose on the canvas and silk with VersaCraft ink to go along with this week’s theme of spring. Lastly, I added small fabric shapes on top of the silk with gel medium. These shapes happen to be cut from the same fabric that I used to create the cover of my fabric RR book . . . . some of that fabric was still on my table tempting me to use it!

Enjoy! Lenna

Note - 4/1/07: I feel like I am finally getting into the swing of this weekly 'art exercise' now, some 3 months after I started it! This is a really good challenge for me because it makes me think, it stretches me to continue to come up with creative ideas, I am documenting 2007 for myself & my husband, I'm making journal quilts that will become part of our own collection, and . . . it forces me into the studio at least once a week! I am usually in there more than that, but this weekly commitment helps. I like the habit of it, and it feels like I am practicing an instrument (my hands, heart & mind) to become a better artist. I don't often come up with award-winning pieces when creating so quickly & so often, but I am continuing to create a lot --and that in itself is an award!


Just a note to say that I feel very lucky. Yesterday I was able to go to the Opening Reception of an art exhibit called "word-art 2007" at The Canton Artists' Guild (CT). There, I met Carla Kurt who has a painting in the show. You can see it here on her blog -although we all agreed it is even more striking in person! I met Karen Jasper who wrote the poem that inspired Carla's painting, and Karen's friend Janet Beattie. So much fun! This seemed to me to be a very well attended event, and a great show combining words and art. Some of the art has words IN it as part of the piece, and others were inspired by a piece of writing. This was only the 2nd time I had been to the Gallery on the Green in Canton, CT. While there I also ran into Bill Godfrey, a friend from years ago when I belonged to the the Farmington Art Guild . . . so fun to see him again! Go see the word-art show if you live nearby or at least take a look at Carla's painting - the poem Karen wrote is there too. Thank you Carla, for introducing me to this wonderful art community so close to home!