Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fabric Book RR

The cover of my book for Dawn Seller's Fabric Book RR
If you click on the photos you can view them larger I think I have pretty much finished the cover for my book that I will be sending out for a fabric Book RR (round robin) at the end of this month. That reminds me! I wrote an article for the on-line zine/web site called art-e-zine about Round Robins. The artist behind art-e-zine is Gillian Allen, and she did an amazing job with the article & photos I provided her. She has published it and you can read it here:

This fabric book is for an exchange hosted by Dawn Sellers and one of the many swaps and exchanges you can do through art-e-zine:

I am happy with my progress - I still need to create a page to go inside to start the exchange & give the other artists a feel for my theme. The image on the front cover is a beautiful fabric image from Alpha Stamps Theater Collage sheets called, The Balcony. I am happy to have figured out the structure of my book, the size, the sign-in page or tags for the other artists, and how to leave some notes & instructions . . . . . oh! There is a blog that is going to follow the progress of this fabric book RR and you can view it here: - enjoy! Lenna


  1. Hi Lenna! ahh I see what you mean now by a sign in page..we put 'things' for others to sign... I had better get a move on with that.. one thing - are they leaves in your book? if so, they won't make it through customs here in Australia... thanks for the peek

  2. Don't worry, no real leaves, Robyn! The fabric has printed leaves, the pocket has an image transfer of leaves onto fabric - and I might put some fabric 'leaves' on the cover . . . but no real leaves. I remember what you said about customs and have sent to Australia before : )) But thanks for your comments & the reminder! Later today I will have time to get this on the fabric book RR blog : ) Lenna



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