Friday, March 30, 2007

more Passion!

I started this passion themed book for a RR I'm doing through art-e-zine earlier this month and had pretty much finished the cover. But the book has been hanging around in my studio for a while now while I was thinking about what to do for the inside before sending it off. I started by finishing the cover! I added a bit of trim I had painted for another project (silk scarves) to the edge of the cover and I also added a velvet rose/leaf. I glued these things on with tacky glue for the trim and Goop glue for the leaf/rose. Next, I looked around my studio for texture and passion and gathered up a few things to create a textural, passionate page! I ended up making 2 pages for this RR book because I wanted to try my idea for how I'd like to put all the pages together when the book returns home. I've cut out denim "spines" to use to connect two pages together (see photos below). Later, I will sew through ALL the denim pieces connecting two pages and also through the denim piece on the cover. The participants in the RR will only have to create one page, and I will fix them up - sew them together, when it comes home. See below - click on any photo for more detail:

For texture (my sub theme) I used cordoroy, velvet, a piece of knitting my mother did, transparencies, silk, metal and buttons. On the first page, for my passion theme, I concentrated on passionate kissing with images from ARTChix Studio and Alpha Stamps, follow your heart - and other stamps by the deeelightful Claudia Rose - and I added a scan (a transparency, placed over muslin so it would show better) of my husband & my wedding rings/hands. For page two, I used image transfers and inkjet prints of photos onto fabric that express my love and passion for walking outside. I will wrap this book up in a Priority envelope and mail it to Sara in Tennesee tomorrow, march 31st - wow! Dawn Seller's fabric Book RR has begun! : ) Lenna

Monday, March 26, 2007

Journal Quilt #12

*The COLORS of my WEEK*
click on the photo for more detail . . .

On the back of this quiltie, the following journal entry is printed:

March 26th, 2007:

* Journal Quilt Number 12 *
This week I wanted to do a more free-form journal quilt using some of the beautiful fabrics that were still out on my table from my recent fabric art making. If you look closely you should be able to find bits of the cover of my fabric book for Dawn Seller’s RR, and a strip of the fabric from the charms I made for Ruth Rae’s swap, as well as various fabrics from the Fabric ATCs I just made for class samples. As you can see, I love the rich colors and patterns of the Batik fabrics. I sewed everything to a piece of warm & natural batting using some decorative stitches and also a bit of “free form” sewing around the piece. I glued in two velvet leaves to match the leaves I‘ve added to my fabric book cover, and I added a small photo of the ferns & snow that are the subject of a collage I am working on. For a finishing touch I added a bit of Brass Lumiere paint.

Steven is back to work and that is so very good – for him & for me! A funny benefit of his working again is that when he is away at work it gives me time to work in my art studio without any guilt what so ever. When he was home more, sometimes I would feel badly leaving him alone while I was working on my art – even though he would always encourage me to do so. Now I have time when I am not at work, when he is away, to get stuff done so we can spend time together when he is home! I’ve found my part-time work at Flatbread also gives me a structure – because I have to squeeze my art in before or after!

Isn’t it funny how things work out? Lenna 3/26/07

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fabric ATCs

ATCs-07.000, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Here are some of the Fabric ATCs I have created as class samples using Alpha Stamps fabric and paper collage images. On May 20th, from 1-4 at Sew Inspired Quilt Shop in Simsbury CT, I will be teaching this class! I have made a variety of hand sewn, machine sewn and glued - Fabric ATCs with somw of my favorite Alpha Stamps images. Click on the photos for a close-up view . . . .

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mother Nature Fabric Charms

Fabric Charms for Ruth Rae's Swap - click on the images below for more details!
The Front:

The Back:

These fabric Charms are 1 -1/2" long and sewn together with batting in the middle. Ruth Rae sent out this call: "The theme for the charms will be Mother Nature in shades of sepias, blues and greens. The charms can be no larger then 1 -1/2 inches and are to be made of fabrics, fibers, lace and felting can all be used! As well as embellishments :)"

I filled in when someone else had to drop this swap - creating these in just a couple of days after I asked to fill the spot (they are due next week). I think the image that I stamped on the front of these charms looks like mother nature dancing, and I thought that the word PURE went well with mother nature too : ) I used VersaCraft inks and heat set. Then I sewed a small golden leaf bead to the front of each one. Ruth Rae is putting all the charms together on a bracelet for those of us purchasing the bracelet from her - I can't wait and will send my charms off tomorrow! Check out Ruth's blog here - she is extreamly creative.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Journal Quilt #11

My latest Journal Quilt . . . .

My journal entry is printed directly on fabric for the back of this piece. You can click on the photo for a larger scan & more detail.

March 20th, 2007:

* Journal Quilt Number 11 *
I am a day late with this weeks’ journal quilt, but that’s okay - to tell you the truth, I simply forgot! But here is journal quilt #11 – it’s hard to believe I have created this many already.

This little art quilt is more personal in nature I think than any of my previous ones. Last year in September, my husband Steven lost his job of 14 years. Fortunately, he has gotten some work since then doing what he does as senior level computer tech – but there’s been no regular salary for these past few months. Last week was especially hard and frustrating for both of us with few prospects of a regular job after much searching and applying. Steven has even gone so far as thinking of starting his own computer business. This could be a great thing, but it would also be difficult while getting it off the ground.

For any of you who have ever been in a similar situation, you know how the stress of a job loss can affect your relationships with those you love. It is difficult to navigate your feelings and your spouse’s feelings through this difficult time. Steven had a bad day last week where he felt very frustrated about the whole situation and I shed some tears over this when he did not understand my point of view. It took some talking until we sorted it all out. Our love prevailed.

The hands are a scan of our hands we did a while ago for possible artwork. I took the scan, printed it mirror image on a transparency and then used gel medium to transfer it to fabric. I stamped various images with VersaCraft ink onto the fabric & the transparency . . . . And! . . . We heard yesterday that Steven got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) Lenna

To see all of the journal quilts I have done so far, CLICK HERE!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fabric Book RR

The cover of my book for Dawn Seller's Fabric Book RR
If you click on the photos you can view them larger I think I have pretty much finished the cover for my book that I will be sending out for a fabric Book RR (round robin) at the end of this month. That reminds me! I wrote an article for the on-line zine/web site called art-e-zine about Round Robins. The artist behind art-e-zine is Gillian Allen, and she did an amazing job with the article & photos I provided her. She has published it and you can read it here:

This fabric book is for an exchange hosted by Dawn Sellers and one of the many swaps and exchanges you can do through art-e-zine:

I am happy with my progress - I still need to create a page to go inside to start the exchange & give the other artists a feel for my theme. The image on the front cover is a beautiful fabric image from Alpha Stamps Theater Collage sheets called, The Balcony. I am happy to have figured out the structure of my book, the size, the sign-in page or tags for the other artists, and how to leave some notes & instructions . . . . . oh! There is a blog that is going to follow the progress of this fabric book RR and you can view it here: - enjoy! Lenna

Collage - added to:

I have added some stamping (ferns by stamp zia) with an olive green textile paint by Jacquard.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Collage in progress . . .

click on the photo for more detail
This is a 10" x 14" Canvas Board mixed media collage I've started work on. It began with an image transfer of one of the photos I took the other day while walking, directly onto the canvas board. Steven suggested I try this after I did the same image transfered onto fabric. This was a large, full size image of ferns, dead leaves & snow, ink jet printed onto a transparency sheet. It filled up almost the whole sheet! The transfer worked pretty well considering how large it was and I enjoyed transfering it onto the canvas board, a new transfer surface for me. So far, I have added some paint (dye-na-flow) to the canvas around the image transfer, and 2 kinds of papers. I am not done yet. If this turns out to my liking I will enter this piece into the West Hartford Art Leagues Open Juried show in April! : ) lenna

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Banner for Flatbread!

The 2' x 3' banner Steven and I created for the flatbread company!!
(click on the photo for a more detailed photo)
Brian, the co-owner of the Canton, CT Flatbread Company (where I work) asked me if I could paint a banner for him. My husband Steven is awesome at lettering, so I asked him for his help to make the letters similar to the logo that Flatbread uses. I did the painting and we both had fun! Brian will use it for events he will attend and represent the restaurant.

This is a great place. Check out their website for details!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Journal Quilt #10

Click on the photo for more detail -I wrote the following Journal entry, printed it on fabric and attached it to the back:

March 11, 2007:

* Journal Quilt Number 10 *
This week I am a day early with my journal quilt – what’s up with that? I am usually NEVER early! I wonder if it has anything to do with Daylight Savings being early???

This week it was extremely COLD – in the single digits in the beginning of the week. We were so happy to feel the temp go up to 45 degrees today. But no matter what the weather is like we almost always take a walk with Asia and Chloe at Huckleberry Hill in Avon – sometimes lovingly called ‘Asia-berry’ Hill - everyday. Asia loves to walk on the trails on the hill and lets us know by ‘talking’ to us about how much she loves it on the way there! So we still have snow, but today it was melting. Ferns under the snow were still green and lots of moss was visible. I had fun taking pictures of the snow melting with last years leaves peaking through, of Chloe and Asia romping and of Steven walking through the crunching snow avoiding the puddles. Today, it wasn’t so freezing cold, and we weren’t sliding on the ice so much. There was hope for spring!

My Journal quilt is done on a piece of cast-off jeans that used to be Steven’s. I printed the larger photo of the tree stump & snow around it directly onto a piece of muslin. The image of Asia and the image of Steven walking are gel medium image transfers. I also used Angelina fibers, mini star brads, a glass pebble and Asia’s old dog tag! I machine sewed for interest. I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I do creating them! : ) Lenna

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Journal Quilt #9

Here is Journal Quilt #9!!
Click on the photo for more detail.

I wrote the following Journal entry, printed it on fabric and attached it to the back . . . .

March 6, 2007:

* Journal Quilt Number 9 *
I have to admit I am a day late with this mini journal quilt, oh my! I figure a day late is better than not at all. Yesterday was Steven’s birthday. When I got out of work I got busy making him a cake. I actually almost forgot my Monday night deadline!

The theme of this week’s journal quilt is ART! Last week Steven and I went to the West Hartford Art League to see our 2 pieces that made it into their Juried show . . . . I also met an online art friend, Carla Kurt, for the first time when we found out we lived near each other and we enjoyed sharing our art over coffee . . . . then I showed my art to my boss at the Flatbread Company and he bought one of my collages when I was not even asking! I think all this must be destiny??

What I did for this journal quilt was several gel medium image transfers from photos. The collage on the top right is the one I sold to Flatbread, on the bottom right is the collage I have in the ART League show, and bottom left is Steven with our collaborative piece that is in the show – enjoy!!!!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

WHAL Juried Show 2

Today Steven and I went with his Aunt Pat to the West Hartford Art League's Juried show to see our pieces on display! Here I am with my mixed media collage, Iphegenia. It's the one on the bottom. Artist Kate Emery did the portrait on the top. Click on the photos for more detail . . .

Here is Steven with the collaborative painting we did together called ColorPlay!! We were told there were about 300 pieces entered in this show and only 79 made it in - we are very happy and feeling lucky that we got to see both of these peices make it in!

To read more about these pieces in the post I wrote when I first found out that we got into this show, please go here.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Collage Sold!

This is a collage that I created in 2004 and sold to the co-owner of the Flatbread Company in Canton, CT today. Yesterday I was showing him some pieces I brought in to share with a friend after work. It was then that Brian asked me if he could buy this collage! He liked it so much he wanted to hang it up in his restaurant, wow! I really did not expect this, and so at first I hesitated. Also, I really love this collage and I was not showing it to him for the purpose of selling it! Plus, the photo of the girl on the top left is actually a photo of my mom when she was about 8 or 9 years old! This photo was taken right before she was adopted (the girl on the bottom right is from ARTchix Studio). But in thinking about it overnight, I decided I would love to sell it to the Flatbread restaurant. Brian really likes the quote in the middle of the piece (click on the photo to see it better) so I happily sold it to him today. He can enjoy it, the customers can enjoy it . . . and I can still enjoy looking at it when I am at work!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Meandering Book

This is the back cover of Geni Braman's Meandering book - an fabric book RR exchange I did through the Fabric-olics yahoo Group. Her theme was Flamingos! I was not too excited by the theme . . . until I went looking for photos of flamingos using a google image search and found some really cool photos. They printed onto fabric beautifully - I simply ironed my fabric onto a piece of freezer paper and sent it though my epson printer. I did two full pages (front & back ) in Geni's book and will send it to Geni's dear friend Chris Dickinson. Very sadly, Geni passed away during this exchange.

If you have not seen a meandering book yet or would like to see more of the pages in Geni's book and some of the other books in this exchange, please visit my website.


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