Monday, February 12, 2007

watercolor hearts

I am taking a watercolor class called: Understanding Abstract Art using Water Media with a wonderful instructor, Frank Federico. The class is held at the West Hartford Art League - a first for me, on all counts - the watercolor class, the instructor and the Art League!

After reading the 'play' challenge on Inspire me Thursday, I took one of my class painting exercises, embellished it with painted hearts and cut the page up to create Valentines.
See the process below:

We were first working with transparent watercolors in class and then later I was using gouache for the first time. This is an opaque water color. I don't usually paint "paintings", although I am having fun learning techniques and trying new mediums. It is also wonderful to *take* a class! Frank is a very accomplished painter and a great teacher. I love watching him demo the week's technique!


  1. wow!!!beautiful ,luv the colors....

  2. Yes , the colors you used are beautiful !!! And so is your design . I love it !

  3. This is so vibrant and happy! I enjoyed seeing your process too. BTW, You and I must be almost neighbors... I'm in Canton, CT! That sounds like a great class at the WHAL>

  4. Sounds like a great class and I love htese little heart cards.

  5. creative lenna!!! this is beautiful! glad i came back for rechecking. yes, taking classes is fun for many reasons.



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