Monday, February 26, 2007

Journal Quilt #8

Number 8 in my once-a-week series of 6"x6" journal quilts . . . ; ^ )

(click on the scan for more detail)

Here's what I wrote and printed on fabric for the back of this square:

February 26, 2007:

* Journal Quilt Number 8 *
Last week I celebrated my 50th Birthday, and this week’s journal quilt definitely reflects that . . . . I had fun printing photos out onto fabric for this journal quilt!

The top photo was taken of me sitting on the couch at the old family farmhouse in Avon, 1957. I was about 9 or 10 months old at the time. I’ve got a nice box of animal crackers in my hand and a pretty smocked dress on . . . we wore those a lot back then! I printed this image onto a linen napkin that belonged to my grandmother. The image below that is a photo that was taken of me & my dog Ticker Tape in the woods behind our house in Simsbury, in 1963. I had recently returned from 6 weeks in the Hospital for open heart surgery. . . I was 6 years old. That’s why I look so thin. This was recycled from a swap envelope and is a real photo on paper.

The larger, full color photo is me – taken last week! Steven took a photo of me at my new job as hostess at the Flatbread Company in Canton. I printed the photo out onto plain muslin by attaching fabric to a piece of lightweight cardstock with masking tape. I added a crown from ARTchix Studio, my birth date, and the appropriate quote! . . . enjoy!!

Morrison Gallery

Steven and I traveled to Kent, CT to visit The Morrison Gallery on Saturday. Once there, we were treated to an exhibit by painter Cleve Gray and sculptor Peter Woytuk - wow! Here are a couple of photos from our day. I want to thank my watercolor teacher Frank Federico for telling me about this. I went because of Cleve Gray's paintings, but loved Peter Woytuk's sculptures . . . the Gallery is beautiful too.

For more info on Cleve Gray, visit his website.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Tag Postcard

This is a Large Manilla Tag that I put in the mail today for my friend Carol, who is so sweet and thoughtful! I used fabric collage images from Alpha Stamps. On the front is an image from the ART Deco Cocktails #1 sheet, and on the back is an image from Tintypes #1. Click on the images to see more detail - enjoy!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Journal Quilt #7

Here we are at #7 in my series of small journal quilts I am creating on a weekly basis. This one is very simple, although I did print a photo of a painting I did onto Lutradur. You can see the original painting in my watercolor hearts post.

The back of this journal quilt reads:

February 19, 2007:

* Number 7 * in my series of mini journal quilts, wow! Last week celebrated Valentines Day and this week’s journal quilt reflects that. What you see on the front of this week’s mini quilt; black hearts on top of the colorful green, pink & orange swirls, is a reprint of a watercolor painting I did in my class at the West Hartford Art League. I took a photo of this painting before I cut it up and turned it into Valentines! Today I printed the photo onto a piece of Lutradur; a non-woven polyester fabric that is well suited as an art medium. It's lightweight, delicate, and flexible, yet very strong. This was my first time printing on Lutradur with my inkjet printer, and I think it worked well. Faded, but nice! I like the way the swirls of paint look printed on the non-woven fabric.

Steven & I continue to talk about the way I create these mini quilts, which so far, is very quickly! I swear I do much more thinking about them then actually making them. Steven assures me I am not “cheating” as I sometimes feel I am. The idea here is to keep me creating on a regular basis . . . to stay “in” that place, to make more art pieces for us, to keep challenging me to come up with ideas, to document this year . . . . well, I do think it’s working!! : ) Lenna

I printed this journal entry onto plain white fabric that I ironed on to freezer paper - and sent through my inkjet printer! Then I sewed it to the front.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

WHAL Juried Art Show

Great news for me to share - I got into my second Juried Art Show I ever entered and so did my husband, Steven Deming! This show is a Member's Juried Art Show at the West Hartford Art League, in West Hartford, CT. I've been taking a watercolor class through the WHAL and Steven & I had recently joined the league so we could participte in shows and just be more involved. This is very exciting! My mixed media piece Iphigenia (right) was accepted . . . it incorporates some Alpha Stamp fabric images. Click on the Titles to read more about the peices on my website . . . also accepted, a painting Steven and I did collaboratively called ColorPlay (below). We are just thrilled about this!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Fabric Mail Art #3

Here is a 3rd Fabric Postcard done with Alpha Stamps Fabric collage images. This time I used Timtex (stabilizing interfacing) as my actual postcard without sandwiching the stuff between fabric. Wonder-under (iron-on fusible) was used to attach the fabric images. The front images are from these sheets: Putti (Cherubs 1) and Emotions. On the back (the address side) I fused an image from the Tinted Beauties sheet.

I colored the front of the postcard (the timtex directly) with water soluable oil pastels, fused my images on, sewed on the heart charm, glued on flowers and sequins, stamped swirls and the word 'spirit', highlighted with a permanent marker and edged with a silver krylon pen. On the back I painted the timtex directly with Lumiere paints, stamped the word 'Postcard' & used a sharpie marker to address the card. I finished it off with a bit of black rick-rack, and postage stamp I created from a photo of our dog Asia and the canoe my dad made, taken on beautiful Wolfe Island, Canada. I have been enjoying trying many different ways to create a mailable fabric postcard. My process for this one is below!

(More) Fabric Mail Art

Another Fabric Postcard I'm sending to Leslie at Alpha Stamps. This time I used Timtex to give the fabric postcard some body. This is so much thicker than the Lutradur I used previously for a fabric postcard (see post below). Timtex is described as an interfacing used as a stabilizing product for hat bills, purse sides and bottoms, book covers etc. It is quite thick - about 1/4".

Lutradur on the other hand is described as: a non-woven polyester fabric that is well suited as an art medium. It's lightweight, delicate, and flexible, yet very strong. Lutradur has an open structure and accepts paint, ink, and other media and is delicate enough to filter light. Here is the back of my fabric postcard made with Timtex in the middle, click on the photos for greater detail, and see the previous post to catch a look at the Lutradur postcard.

For this postcard I used fabric images from the Alpha Stamps Mermaids 1 Fabric sheet. The large image on the front of the postcard I sewed on by machine to some rather thick 'coutil' fabric that Leslie sent. She tells me coutil is normally used for corsets (the thick weave helps keep the metal stays from cutting thru the fabric). It works well for fabric mail art too! I applied 'wonder under' which is an iron-on fusing agent to the smaller fabric images from the mermaid fabric sheet and then ironed them on to the address side of the fabric. I used rubber stamps and Fabrico/VersaCraft inks & set the inks with my heat gun. On the front of the postcard I sponged 2 colors of blue dye-na-flow ink onto the coutil fabric, sewed some fibers on (Alpha Stamps) as a frame with a big zigzig stitch and glued 2 Sanibel shells underneath the gold netting, which I also glued on to the base fabric. When everything was dry I glued the coutil fabric pieces, front & back, to the timtex which is in the middle with a white tacky glue called Grrrip Glue - I love this glue! I also used the same blue fibers to whip stitch around the edge. Then I used my permanent Micron Pen to address this to Leslie, added a self adhesive stamp & popped in in the mailbox! enjoy!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Fabric Mail Art

Here's something fun, a fabric postcard I sent to Leslie Elledge of Alpha Stamps! The front of the postcard is a large fabric image (British Queens 3) from Alpha Stamps. The colors are so rich & vibrant! I added rubber stamping on top of the fabric image with Fabrico (VersaCraft) inks & heat set them. The back of the postcard is a piece of Lutradur only, sewn to the front with a zig zag stitch and then painted with white acrylic paint. When dry, I added the 'postcard' stamp, addressed the card with a permanent Micron pen, and then affixed a postage stamp made at This particular postage stamp features one of my fabric ATCs made with another Alpha Stamps fabric sheet image from the Menards sheet. Very fun art to do & to send! The Lutradur fabric (spun polyester) makes this posstcard very soft & lightweight - just thick enough to stand on it's own (so to speak!) and send through the mail.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Journal Quilt # 6

This was really fun to create!! You can see this larger by clicking on the photo. Yes, the sticks are real! My journal entry was printed directly on the fabric, then used it as the back of the piece:
February 12, 2007:

This is Number 6 in my series of *mini* journal quilts! It has been SO cold here in CT this past week that Steven & I have been making a fire in the fireplace almost every evening. It really helps to ward the chill off and is so enjoyable. We do have to gather sticks for kindling because the wood we recently bought just isn’t quite dry enough, but Chloe & Asia help!

I created this journal quilt with fabric scraps and some of the little sticks we use, I just couldn’t help it. You might recognize the flames as the background fabric for Journal Quilt #1. I added the ‘fire’ with a bit of sewing and also some tacky glue. The heart is a rubber stamp image and I added a few word stamps, all with Fabrico/VersaCraft ink. I spend more time thinking about these mini journal quilts than I do making them, but the process itself is a good one!

I created this journal entry on my computer and then printed it out onto fabric with my Epson Printer. Enjoy! Lenna

(2nd set) watercolor hearts

See earlier post today for details!

watercolor hearts

I am taking a watercolor class called: Understanding Abstract Art using Water Media with a wonderful instructor, Frank Federico. The class is held at the West Hartford Art League - a first for me, on all counts - the watercolor class, the instructor and the Art League!

After reading the 'play' challenge on Inspire me Thursday, I took one of my class painting exercises, embellished it with painted hearts and cut the page up to create Valentines.
See the process below:

We were first working with transparent watercolors in class and then later I was using gouache for the first time. This is an opaque water color. I don't usually paint "paintings", although I am having fun learning techniques and trying new mediums. It is also wonderful to *take* a class! Frank is a very accomplished painter and a great teacher. I love watching him demo the week's technique!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Journal Quilt #5

This is the entry I wrote to go along with my mini journal quilt. I printed it onto fabric with my Epson printer and it makes the back of the piece! See other earlier examples below. Click on the photo for a larger, more detailed photo.

February 05, 2007:

Here is the fifth in my series of *mini* journal quilts – part of a year long fabric journal project I’m doing. When thinking about this week’s quiltie I could not help but think of the recent SNOW and cold weather we’ve had lately. Steven & I take a walk with Chloe and Asia almost every afternoon, both for us and for them! We walk on trails that meander through the woods at Huckleberry Hill Recreational Area in Avon, CT where we live. It has been a fairly mild winter around here until now. Most recently we have been bundling up with fleece necklets, hats and gloves to walk under pine trees covered in snow. After our walks, you will often find all of us sometime later that evening bundled up under a blanket watching a movie or reading – well, Chloe & Asia are usually sleeping instead of reading!

I created this 6” x 6” quiltie with an image transfer of a photo of us I first printed on my Epson printer. I reversed the image onto a transparency & then used gel medium to transfer it to fabric. I chose white fabric to represent the snow and added a few Angelina fibers and some prisma glitter to further that idea. I also used cheesecloth throughout and I stamped an evergreen bough onto white fabric with green VersaCraft ink. The ‘blanket’ is an extra bit of leftover material my mom knit for a vest she discarded and gave to me. Part of it I bound the edges of & we really use as a cozy blanket!! Lenna : ^ ) - The actual photo is posted on the bottom of this blog page . . . scroll down to the footer!

Friday, February 2, 2007

January Journal Quilts

Here are all of the Journal Quilts I created in January . . . it's fun to see them all together! Click on this photo for a larger picture.