Monday, January 1, 2007

new year - new art

Here are 2 new pieces/pages I just finished up today for Angela's 'Merfolk' Meandering book - a fun art exchange (Round Robin) that I am participating in with the Fabric-olics Yahoo Group:

Since some people have asked me about this group . . . Fabric-olics is a yahoo group that is closed to new members at this time (2007), unless you are referred by a existing member. . . to keep the group small. If you feel that you would enjoy this group and can be a active member, send a email to and tell her about yourself, any website or blog you may have and about your fabric art . . . . (edit 2009: This group has since closed).

The top piece is a fabric based page for Angela Hart's Meandering Book with a paper collage image from the Alpha Stamps Mermaids 2 sheet. You can find this collage sheet at: - in the collage sheet section, under children's book illustrations.

The bottom page is created from my favorite marbled paper layered on top of a piece of warm and natural quilt batting and put together mostly with Tacky Glue. The collage image on this page is paper and also from Alpha Stamps. The shells I used on these 2 pages were picked up on the beaches of Sanibel Island just a few days ago!

: ) enjoy! Lenna
p.s. you can see more pages and books in this RR exchange and also how I put these particular pages into Angela's meandering book . . . . on my webpage.


  1. Hey Lenna, Tried to check out the yahoo group you mentioned that you did these 2 pages for and it wouldn't let me try to join, guess it must be by invitation only. Looking forward to learning from you in the Dyehard class.


  2. Vicky~ Thanks for visiting my blog and writing a comment! If you are interested in joining the Fabric-olics Yahoo Group, I can recommend you! This yahoo group is closed, except for recommendations from current members. Just let me know . . . I would be happy to recommend you.

    Thanks so much for the WONDERFUL fabric postcard I just received today!!! : ) see you in class!

  3. Lenna! Wonderful to see you in blog-land! With all the knowledge that you have to share, not to mention your beautiful artwork, I'll be visiting often!




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