Friday, December 8, 2006

12/8/06: first step

This is my first entry on my first blog. I signed up for this blog a while ago but never set anything up. I wasn't sure I wanted or needed a blog. I have a website with tons of art, photos and writing that I manage myself! My oldest son Decklin set up my website when he was 14 years old -as a challenge for himself, I think. He's 25 years old now and on his own, so I edit the website myself thanks to a WYSIWYG editor called Frontpage. I have had a few problems with Frontpage this past year. I recently got Dreamweaver and plan to use this instead - it comes highly recommended to me from more than one person. I've started reading about it and preparing to learn this new editing program so I can re-do my website. I'd like more people (especially those who use Macs) to see my web pages just as I see them! I have a new template to work from that I am excited about using . . . so I just have to dive in and start sometime soon.

As far as a blog goes, we'll see how it works out for me . . . it could be a nice addition to my website and help me to re-organize the site going forward. I think I will try to use this blog to talk more about what I am doing creatively and use for sharing more photos of my art. At this time, there is a lot of writing on my website. I'd like to clean it up and make it a more visual site. (edited 1/1/07)


  1. I am SO excited that I am the FIRST one to view and comment! Hee hee hee

    I love the color you made it...AND I think you will find the outlet easy and a place to be "chatty" if you want your creative Lenna site to be more for professional stuff.

    Isn't it amazing how young people have no fear of HTML or learning how to do websites? I am a tinker kind of person and love to try to figure things out...not always working but I try!

    I have heard Dreamweaver is good and easy to learn...hope they are right and the curve is not to bad for you! One of these days I really should get a sight up.

    SO Mac people can see your code on Dreamweaver? AND at least you have a Mac...I just can't afford the price anymore so I begrudgingly went PC and grumble all the time! I was raised on Mac and Miss it horribly. Especially for my graphic design work!

    ANY way...I think you will enjoy the outlet of a real blog to put stuff out there just as thoughts!

  2. Thanks, Gypsy!
    No, I don't have a Mac, it's just that people who use Macs sometimes have trouble with my frontpage created website displaying correctly for them - fonts overlapping and making some pages unreadable - it just doesn't translate correctly for them - which is frustrating for me!!

    thanks again : ) xo lenna



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