Friday, December 8, 2006

12/8/06: first step

This is my first entry on my first blog. I signed up for this blog a while ago but never set anything up. I wasn't sure I wanted or needed a blog. I have a website with tons of art, photos and writing that I manage myself! My oldest son Decklin set up my website when he was 14 years old -as a challenge for himself, I think. He's 25 years old now and on his own, so I edit the website myself thanks to a WYSIWYG editor called Frontpage. I have had a few problems with Frontpage this past year. I recently got Dreamweaver and plan to use this instead - it comes highly recommended to me from more than one person. I've started reading about it and preparing to learn this new editing program so I can re-do my website. I'd like more people (especially those who use Macs) to see my web pages just as I see them! I have a new template to work from that I am excited about using . . . so I just have to dive in and start sometime soon.

As far as a blog goes, we'll see how it works out for me . . . it could be a nice addition to my website and help me to re-organize the site going forward. I think I will try to use this blog to talk more about what I am doing creatively and use for sharing more photos of my art. At this time, there is a lot of writing on my website. I'd like to clean it up and make it a more visual site. (edited 1/1/07)