Friday, March 13, 2015

New Blog! Find me posting on

I've decided to make a big change and discontinue writing blog posts here on the blogspot blog that I started back in 2006. Instead, I am using a new blog that is part of my creativelenna website. I've imported all of the posts from my creativelenna blogspot blog to my new creative lenna blog! I've changed the template of my new website to include a great blog. There is a side bar with a "Tag Cloud" featuring tags as links that you can click on to discover all the related posts, new & old.

If you have been getting a feed for this older blogspot blog -this blog- it will be outdated now.
I will not be posting to this location anymore. I do have a new RSS link for a feed set up on the new blog and I have also added free email delivery of posts via feedblitz. Please check it out via the link below! I will leave this old blogspot blog in place as an archive, but any new posts will only be found on the new blog: -bookmark it! 

Commenting looks simple on the new blog attached to my website. You simply need to sign in with any of these accounts: Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Squarespace to leave a comment. Comments are moderated as always and will not be published until approved! I hope you enjoy the new blog, please don't hesitate to ask me any questions via comment or email.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

making marks: DLP week 10

Week 10 of the Documented Life Project

March Theme:
Making Your Mark (Doodles & Mark Making)
March 7th Art Challenge:  As A Layer Element
Journal Prompt:  Surviving the Elements

I began this weeks DLP prompt by finding and using a piece of paper I had made my marks on while visiting my good friend, Frieda Oxenham in Scotland last September. We spent one morning playing with her Gelli Plates and I saved all the pages I created even if they were just warm-ups. This bright green, orange and pink printed page seemed a good accompaniment to the 5 layer page from last week's prompt on the left.

A closer view:

Even though this Gelli plate printing is "marks on a page" as a layer, I wanted to do more actual "marks" with my hand. This is what I envisioned when I first read the prompt. I used a stencil to give me a basic shape outline, and then doodled inside the shape. 

Stencil removed: 

Then, I decided to add stamping . . . (I have a kitten, can you tell?)

The finished page:

That's how I feel, WOW! week 10!

Mark-making as a layer. As far as surviving the elements . . . no snow in Florida but this page represents to me getting through a bad cold/virus/fever and surviving!!!! 

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

DLP week 9: 5 Layers

Week 9 of the Documented Life Project

February Theme: Layers You Will Love!
Art Challenge:  Using at Least Five Layers
Journal Prompt:  Give Me a High Five 

I really like the direct approach of this prompt to create with at least 5 layers. For me, it felt like a "what if" kind of approach I tend to use a lot . . . at least that's what I turned it into! I found myself thinking, what if I used THIS as a layer first, then put THAT over it next? Here's what happened...

Layer One: Paint!

I squirted acrylic paint from a tube onto my page.
Use a plastic card to spread it around the page.
Use a variety of tools to make marks on the page. Let dry (the hardest part!)

Layer Two: Use a Stencil (Stencil Girl) and spray inks to layer color on top. 

I used an extra sheet of paper to pick up the extra ink on top of the stencil. I can use this paper for another project, like how I started the DLP week 8 prompt. Let dry.

Layer Three: Add colored tissue paper (and patterned) with gel medium. 

I like that you can still see the texture in the first layer of paint, through the tissue.

 Layer Four: Add another layer of Acrylic paint on top of the dried tissue paper. 

Use paint combs to pull and texture the paint. 

 Layer Five: Add paper collage on top of it all! 

The cups are a magazine catalog image I ripped out and saved in a box of scraps a year or two ago. When I got to layer 5 and decided to use paper, I went looking for something that would speak to me and work with the bright colors I started with. After gluing the cups down I used a black pen to outline then in a scraggly way. The circles are punched out of tea bag wrappers I saved. 

For me this was a very satisfying prompt. I kept myself to 1/2 a page spread because I was determined to get week 9 done and dusted before week 10 was announced! I have been a little bit behind, and then when my husband & I were both sick with a fever, chills and cough earlier this week, I really got behind. I do not like that feeling so I  gave myself a goal of getting caught up when I was feeling better. Now I will give MYSELF a Great BiG HiGH 5!!!! :o))

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Repeating Elements: DLP Week 8

Week 8 of the Documented Life Project
February Theme Layers You Will Love!
February 21: week 8 Announced
Art Challenge:  Repeating Elements
Journal Prompt:  It's Worth Repeating

yes, I do love repeating images/colors in my work but I did not realize how much, until I did this exercise. And, I kind of had to force myself to start as it has been very busy, we've been sick with a virus and I am behind a bit on doing these challenges. . . . but when I did start, one thing led to another and I found myself just clicking along thinking about different ways to repeat what I was doing. I really enjoyed myself. 

I started with this leftover scrap of paper. After I had used this stencil in another project and it was covered with wet spray ink, I pressed it against the scrap paper instead of wasting the ink and then saved it. This was how I started my journal spread. 

Then look what happened! I used the stencil in different ways directly on my journal as well as covering the background area by spraying dyes or doing direct ink to paper. 

Then I started choosing individual parts of the stencil to add, in different areas. I used a gold or a white marker to add flowers one at a time. 

 It's Worth Repeating!!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Going Undercover: Week 7 DLP

Week 7 of the Documented Life Project
February Theme: Layers You Will Love!
February 14: Art Challenge:  Cover Up Good Stuff 
Journal Prompt:  Going Undercover

I started with a scrap of silk fabric, leftover from the class I taught earlier in the month.
(it was orange from mopping up wet paint on my previous journal page!)

I added rubber stamping with VersaCraft ink & heat set it with my heat gun.
That way, when I added wet paint, it would not run. 

I used Dye-Na-Flow paint and this brush below, to add a complimentary color.

I love the swirly lines this brush makes!

I introduced a chartreuse green Dye-Na-Flow as well . . . 
and I decided to fringe the edge of the fabric by cutting it. 
Look on the right side of the page! 

Next came the hard part, to cover up some of what I had done.
I chose white acrylic paint and brushed it on over the paper and silk.

Then covered it up more - I added stamping!

I actually liked covering up what I originally did not want to cover. 
I added more layers by stamping more . . .

That was fun! 

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Layers: When not to stop - week 6 DLP

Week 6 of the Documented Life Project
A layered photoshop version I did for the week 6 theme:

February Theme Layers You Will Love! 
February 7 Art Challenge:  When Not To Stop
Journal Prompt:  "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough!" (Ooh)

For some reason I was a little "stuck" on this week's prompt. I typically do a lot of layers in my work, so I am not really sure why I felt stuck. Perhaps because I was busy and not really making time, or rather scheduling time for art. None the less, I made myself start! That trick always seems to work. 
I had been saving fruit and veggie labels/stickers and dove in by placing them in my journal in a pleasing pattern. Anything to get me going on this!

I also added a scrap of magazine page on the left. For my next layer I poured a bit of Orange Dye-na-flow paint on top of the stickers and magazine paper. 

With the wet paint swirling around, I closed and opened the journal. This made a Rorschach looking beetle in the middle that I kind of liked. I used a scrap of silk test material, leftover from a class I had taught that week and pounced the extra paint around to fill some of the white space. This spread had a minimal amount of layers but at the time I felt ready to stop. I had enough!! It wasn't until working on week 7 that I returned to this and added a few more layers . . . some close ups below. 

The finished spread . . . Not my most favorite journal spread, but as I said in my Polaroid Blipfoto journal"It's not my best work, but it is my art work and that is what is important - just doing it."

   yup. just do it! 
   Practice will perfect it, enjoy it in the meantime! 

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