Friday, August 16, 2013


ROUND is the next prompt from daisy yellow. You can pick up these prompts at anytime and work at tour own pace. When I did the ICAD project through Daisy Yellow I did not follow any of the prompts, I simply worked at whatever I felt like which was legal! But now that I am doing the prompts I can see that they are: a) helpful and b) get me to stretch and try new things. Go for it! I am working in my positive affirmation journal again, I will try to do that whenever I can.
I got out a round template, a pencil and watercolor crayons. I did not plan my circles, I just picked one circle and went from there, adding to fit the page as I went. Here is how my process went in pictures . . . 

1st time I got the watercolor wet . . . 

I added more crayons to the outer circle

Now I like how the colors look - clearer!

Using my zen brush from Bill Buchman

I got the idea for the other page to have one circle

I liked this very much
The affirmation comes from the meditations I have been doing 
with Depak Chopra . . . very helpful

when it was dry the page still looked good! 

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  1. So happy to be in the circle of your inspiration! Hear that? It's a round of cyber applause ... thanks, Lenna :-)

  2. Love the circles and the affirmation! Makes me think of the circle song, I think it was Judy Collins, The Circle Game or something like that! Hope you are having a fun weekend with the family!

  3. Indeed it does look good! Light and lively.

  4. Nice circles. I think the prompts must be very helpful. You are still in charge of what you do with them and how you add the details. I like those pages. Hugs.

  5. Lovely spread! And I love the single circle with the affirmation - really cool idea!

    Hugs, Gunvor

  6. It looks more than good, it looks gorgeous! I LOVE how you did one page with loads of circles and then just one on its own, that works so well. Love the affirmation too, it's very true <3

  7. Hi Lenna, I sas your circle on Daisy Yellow fb... and I love it. I also love the page with the lot of circles. Very nice.

  8. Loved this little journey with you! Wonderful job!


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